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  1. That is right he never did stop, also he wasn't boarded as well. The Falklands government allowed him to approach with out boarding or checking the vessel. I rack this up with someone throwing you a beer.
  2. He has a FB page that is following him. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1060676710732719/
  3. I believe that if he finishes, he will be the first American unassisted, un-sponsored, non racing, non-stop solo. I might be wrong.
  4. 8:1


    A pedophile is leading this kid into the woods when the kid looks up and says "I don't like it here, it is gloomy and dark, I am getting scared." The pedophile looks down at the kid and says. "How do you think I feel, I gotta walk out of here alone."
  5. yeah, so your'e the new hot shit? More like a fish, gobble gobble

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