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  1. One guy here says keep the string rule in mind...but this is wrong? Race commitee can put the line on any side of a mark....basically racers can finish from both sides then....because rule 32 is not clear...we had a regatta where this happened and all the "WRONG" finishers were reinstated....as the last mark is not a race mark anymore....so if si say leave that mark to port...if it becomes a finish line this is nowhere definied anymore..so hence u can cross the finish line legally from both sides.?...
  2. It's obviously not rigged yet but I'm guessing it will have a soft vang. Southern have been doing this for quite a while now, the booms are getting so bloody light these days they have no need for them. Some boats have a detachable strut to hold the boom up when the main is down but that's about it. Thanks! Like on racing dighys no vang - so the boom must be so light that it does not close the main at very light Winds - impressive.
  3. She does Not seeem to have a Kicker? No need anymore to Lift the Boom at light Winds? Does anybody know the reasoning behind this?
  4. does anybody know which made this rollable horizontal buttons are? am very keen to know.......
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