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  1. Yes, Donovan GP 26, with black aramid sails and red sail numbers.
  2. Yes, you are right. Platu teams are less experienced then top 10 now. One of the platu 25 ( dry sailed and good equiped one )was on the top of the list just few years ago. ORC Sportboat rules divide the boats with DLR and kite types. But here at Istanbul we are racing all together. we also awarded the group of the boat separately who are mooring ( not dry sailed ) has sails made by except Dacron and has Carbon mast. Ofcourse , you should keep the boat dry, need good sails with hihg quality material like aramid and Carbon mast ( ORC gives panalty to carbon mast and aramid sails ) if
  3. We are racing under ORC rules at Turkey with ORC Sportboat class boats. Almost more than 15 different type, total 40+ boats racing against each other. There are 2-3 J70s in the fleet. You may find the race results at our web site, unfortunately site main language is Turkish, only National Championships part is both Turkish and English ( www.sportsboatturkiye.org/?page_id=1397 ). J 70s are always favorite boats in the fleet. But be sure, each well prepared and good helmed boat has chance to win the races. The boats like J 70s or Melges 24s are tuned perfectly in years, also
  4. Hi, very late answer but , we are racing under ORC system, and if you compare 28R and 23R , 28R is 39.3 seconds faster than 23R in a mile ( avarage wind and upwind downwind course) , you can find some copy of both boats certificates at ORC web site.
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