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  1. Randii, OK, so now I know FEA is this Finite Element Analysis was a process developed for engineers by engineers as a means to address structural mechanics problems in civil enginee… But what is CFD? Complete fucking disaster?
  2. The TJ team is happy to help out too. If you need to know if you are cut out for this sort of thing we offer a free evaluation. Get yourself down to the BVI's and join us for a couple of Sundays, we will let you have a free and honest evaluation of your chances. The serious side to this is trying to make sure that this gem ends up in the right hands! Here's the ad on Craigslist. 34’ Trimaran. Project boat - boats - by owner - marine sale (craigslist.org)
  3. Yep, this boat definitely needs saving. A walk in the park compared to 'Triple Jack'. They were built in the same year, 1979, and I can see oodles of airex cored panels which are basically inert and indestructible! The 'look' is SO Kelsall, the bow on view is pretty much a mini Triple Jack. Fingers crossed for this old girl, keep the name!
  4. Thanks 'Gone Ballistic', you stuck a chord there. If TJ had been a balsa cored construction she would have 'passed' many moons ago. Nothing against it, but if it's balsa, own it from new and and be damn sure that you never let water ingress be an issue. I built 15 'IC24's' that started off life as 1980's J24's, I have done more than my fair share of 'soggy/rotten balsa. As for U tubers I have to confess that I do follow a few offerings. Surely #1 has to be Sampson Boatworks and the rebuild of 'Tally Ho'. Leo hails from rural Somerset, proper West Country. He has fearlessly and expert
  5. 'Oh my God, look at her butt' That was the story of the day. Paul Senior took on a huge internal hose down with deck brush and soap, then vacuumed out a couple of months' worth of grinding debris. Not a job for the faint-hearted. Steve juggled the outside 'step to beam and roof' connections...they will be glassed up mid week. So what of the butt? Well, I was merrily grinding away 40 years of paint from the main hull aft deck. I started to see laminate move under the grinder around the old pivoting rudder cheeks. Lurking underneath the last 3 feet of aft deck lay that nasty old crumbly dec
  6. I nearly missed the party today down at camp TJ, being the last to arrive on site. They had missed the music box but not me. Well, hey ho, good music is important to keep the morale up and the repairs going so I'll take that. Paul Junior tabbed his aft wing mid-knees into place, a very tidy job too, as they would say in Wales. Senior fixed the steps and assisted Paul. Those steps were just another accident waiting to happen, next to falling through the deck! Good job. Steve and I laid 2x10 foot tabs across the leading edge of the coachroof, the first one being 9" wide. The coachroof is no
  7. Ah well, last Sunday was a glorious wash out with horizontal rain and winds up to 40kts across the BVI's. A mucho needed cistern filler but not great for outside boat work. Wednesday afternoon saw Steve and I determined to get some work done. First order of play was to replace the tarp over the workbench which had been blown out. I then concentrated on setting up 'roll away' tarps to offer some shade for afternoon work. They also look the part hiding hideous grinding episodes that are still ongoing. Steve attacked the port coachroof to aft beam connection, filing various voids with coosa
  8. Crikey, my last post was so long ago I had to go back and see what I was on about! Aye, Johnny be Bad, racing the Heineken...those were good regattas. We never really got to know the boat and the crew, that's St Martin for you. We will be racing 'Les Voiles' next season, see you there? David and 'Aqua Blue', one owner from new and you built her, wow...full respect! Triple Jack shares your bow profiles, as do many of Derek Kelsall's early designs, even the Cats. But, hey, we don't have those torpedo launchers. We had a couple of weeks away from project TJ. It was my turn to turn
  9. David, are you sure that’s not a patio table? Only joking, I do have vague memories of a smaller Kelsall the same colour as an old Ford Anglia...but I cannot place where. Was it on the Exe? TJ used to haul out at Exmouth Docks using the ancient red crane early 1990’s, was Aqua Blue around then? It’s great to hear you are refitting, woven roving and airex eh? (we call it iron mat) what a way to go!
  10. Shame really, it was the first race of 4 and we won the start. It must have gone immediately after this shot was taken. 7 boats on the start line, not bad for the BVI's!
  11. Not sure. It is rotating, carbon and on the heavy side. The previous owner was racing the BVI Spring Regatta years ago against us and Soma. We were beating up the channel between Peter and Norman islands and a real nasty squall came through. By all accounts he (Scott) rounded up and the mast simply shook itself in half just shy of the upper spreaders. We had our own issues having only fitted our new dagger board the day before but that's another story.
  12. Mr Boogie with Stu? Rounding third?? That's unheard of. But aye, we are getting there. Last Sunday saw Paul Junior fitting the stbd wing knees, Steve continuing on the foredeck to coachroof step up and myself making good all manner of vaguely triangular shapes out of Coosa board to fill voids around the coachroof. We are setting up for a monumental 'tabbing session' with wings and coachroof taking root, inside and out. The atmosphere at camp TJ has changed. Now it is no longer a question of 'will it ever be done?' It's more like, 'Crikey, we are nearly there!' That makes a big difference,
  13. How about a 'Tides Marine' add on track? I crew on a F31 with a carbon rotating mast and a fat head main. The system works well, just add extra slugs up top. I should add that it's not much help when the masthead crane gets sucked down into the spar as happened last Saturday! That will stop your gallop!
  14. No mention yet of starting both engines (on a cruising cat) and motoring downwind on a very broad reach? Use app wind if you have it or just course if it's steady...it certainly takes the sting out of a rising wind, making any form of douse easier. Obviously it's not a good time to run over a stray line overboard, there is that!
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