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  1. Hi Oxygen Mask-

    Would you, by chance, have drawn up plans for your Tremolino's padded seats & tramps?

    I have (think) the only round-bilge MkV Trem in cedar strip, and the seats/tramps are all UV-rotten.  I'm toying with making hard seats, but padded soft might make more sense.


    Vermont Mitch

  2. Not a fair analogy at all. If HR had just lashed a huge pile of HomeDespot building materials together and announced an intent to see if it would float him to the Islands and Points Beyond, we'd all think he was nuts and forget him in 2 days. The thing would float and probably outlast him. Heyerdahl did not make a floating condo out of this stuff and call it a yacht -
  3. Jeez, I would think after all that pedanticizing over the etymology of the terms for sheetrock, you guys would know that green sheetrock is not waterproof. Not even particularly water resistant really. The paper itself is 'mildly' more moisture resistant than the non-green stuff and that's it. More like mildew resistant. If it was actually waterproof, the joint compound (pretty sure they call it 'poi' in Hawaii) wouldn't stick to it...
  4. I hope he used Gorilla duct tape. (Couldn't have as his budget is too small, that stuff ain't cheap) Regular gray hardware store duct tape isn't waterproof. I will fall apart in mere days if wet enough.
  5. . People keep comparing this to the Tin Can. For an endeavor that is so fundamentally similar, it is so very different. Similarities include - Both guys knowing they were doing things different than the norm, and believing they knew enough to do it anyway. Both guys would not take or could not get advice from professionals. But ahh the differences - This boat has no engineering. Tin can can had an overabundance of "engineering." But it was all wrong. This boat has no structure. Tin can had an over abundance of "structure." But he had no concept of material properties. (His welde
  6. Aha! Leeboards! Classic time tested seaworthy design concept. He must have read about them somewhere. But, they will add to the stresses trying to separate his cat into a tri.
  7. "According to National Geographic the speed of the Titanic at the time of impact with the ocean floor was nearly 35 mph. It took approximately 24 minutes for the vessel to strike bottom. The rate of descent has been estimated at 500' per minute. The ocean depth is nearly 13,000 ft where the hull rests in two pieces." So, yes.
  8. There was a guy a while back who started a Farrier cat, claimed he had enough helpers and funds to fast track the build, insisted he would be in the water in something like 3 months.. He just didn't understand why all the neighsayers. (Things like you can't lay up and cure that much glass in that short of time, no matter how many man hours you can afford...) Also note that he was never heard from again...
  9. because those Buccs rarely sell for more than $1500 Correct! And I just reread my post - it sounds snooty. Sorry about that. but -Damn- that thing is ugly in person. And missing half its standing rigging. I'm surprised the mast is still up. I guess I just don't understand why somebody bought that when there's an almost mint Cherubini Hunter 27 with AC and hot water for sale for $6000 two slips down.
  10. That would be a Bayliner Buccaneer 272. (277 if diesel) Could be worse, much worse... It could be one of these - or these -
  11. .. from a 30+ year perspective, a bottle of wine makes a good club.
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