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  1. So this is way late; was scrolling through looking to see if any update on that Beneteau in China, but just saw this..... I am replacing 3.8gpm Shurflo diaphragm pump on freshwater system. One I took out has manufacture date of November 1995. Apparently after 26 years the "run-dry" capability is not so good. Stopped pumping after emptying water tanks to winterize (Midwest USA). Otherwise had been worry free. Motor still runs, but figured might as well replace whole unit after this amount of time, and it is a pain to get at. Needless to say, model no longer made and many near equ
  2. We did one on my 37 a couple years ago in a ~40 mile race when big thunderstorm cell came through (did a write-up on that race that Scot posted). We had gotten the kite down before the big wind got to us. Elected to tack instead of gybe when the wind machine said 53. We were going to run out of race course/water without a turn. One of the crew said you are going to do what? I just said my wife would be mad if I went home without a mast. One boat had a rudder blowup, numerous shredded sails.
  3. So where has Sol been? Haven't seen a post in the cleavage thread or the football threads for a while. Hope he is just busy...
  4. Found this.....Lines superimposed on photo are edges of freeway to be built at that time. The three buildings are in a photo 3/4 of the way down in article. When Buildings Crawled Across Los Angeles | KCET
  5. The name is ancient Greek origin, I believe loosely translated as excellence or excellent. Know a friend that pondered a boat name for a while and had chosen same name prior to the multi showing up on the Great Lakes. His not nearly as quick. As with many boat names, we occasionally “misspeak” and call his Atari. Or irritated. Suspect boat nicknames could fill a new thread…..
  6. Sorry to hear that. I passed along news to Green Bay Lightning fleet. I don’t race Lightnings anymore, but have done RC for some of the regattas. Dan always remembered me, not sure if from Lightnings or from back in the 80s/90s from Mac racing. We knew a lot of the same people but never sailed together.
  7. Think he forgot the purple font.....
  8. From marketing copy, looks like a lot of cooks. No wonder new boats cost so much. Guessing Us$700k?? The local powerboat dealer has many options/brands. Typical twin engine 43-50 is 750-1.3M, though they have 2 much bigger engines than ~36-40’ sailboat. Hope they do well too.
  9. Fresh water and normally not too sporty conditions aid the longevity. Though the Great Lakes can get nasty with very short period waves. Generally spring and fall in the . In the summer you can get occasional day or two of 10-15 foot waves if the fetch lines up right. The "Cuyahoga" is going on 80 years old, but has been repowered from original steam plant and modern emission controls. Ships are subject to hull survey/inspection every 5 years.
  10. Been a while since I have seen one, but they were fairly common on the Great Lakes. Tripe spreader rig is not original equipment I am pretty sure...
  11. I ended up installing a CTM unit myself this spring Also included the soft-start/easy start controller. I had the advantage of replacing a dead Mermaid, so wiring and plumbing/throughhulls were already in place. Footprint and hookups had different geometry, so had to replace lines, add one or two elbows to avoid kinking water lines, adjust shelf height in the midship locker, and had a local HVAC shop fab a duct diffuser for recommended 6" and (2) 4" air vents. You can also order them online or if lucky, Home Depot or the like may have one in stock that will fit. My old air splitter would
  12. The EAA essentially closed down at 5 pm today. Asked visitors to leave and shut down food service, exhibits etc. Said flight ops (not shows) would continue until 8, or until weather dictated otherwise. There is a line about an hour nw of Oshkosh now, with quarter size hail and 60 knots of breeze.
  13. We just went through this in the dead of night Monday/Tuesday morning in NE WI. Posted on the "how your day started" thread about storms that broke off section of floating docks with about 16-18 boats tied to it (including mine). Guessing around 450,000# of boats in that section (mostly 45-50' powerboats). There was one powerboat that had a windshield shatter and rain poured into the vessel's interior. Otherwise little or no damage to boats. Just on their on little group walkabout (with the pier). 30+ minutes of 45-50 knots and reports of gusts around 70 against a current from Lake Mi
  14. Last night severe storms rolled through NE WI. Sustained 50+ for 30-40 minutes, gusts in the 70's. Some 30-40,000 without power due to trees/lines downs. Marina called early this morning. A section of floating concrete dock with about 12 boats tied to it including mine broke free about 1-2AM. Fortunately the wayward section did not blow into the nearby bridge or anything else solid. Section being held in place by tugs this morning. Boats being moved to other docks by staff. I guess my dock lines are good. I am told boats are all OK, but will run up there to check things out. When
  15. I go through an independent agent. We have Foremost Insurance on a ~40 foot mid 80's C&C. Have not had a claim, but also have not been asked for a new survey since buying the boat 12 years ago and the premium has been basically been unchanged during that time. Foremost is subsidiary of Farmers Insurance, which I guess is owned by Zurich Financial. Farmers/Zurich are rated fairly highly by the credit agencies, and seem to have good customer ratings. I suspect you need to get a quote through an agent that represents them.
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