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  1. Never met Mr. Jahn but remember the name and program from years of Macs, NOOD events, etc. Fair winds and condolences to family, friends, associates and crew. Have to assume it was Jim Considine in 80’s (father). I went to college with Mike in 80’s, think Pat is few years older. Though Mike and Pat were fairly accomplished even then. They run UK loft now (Chicago/Midwest USA sailors know, but if you’re overseas you might not be aware).
  2. OK, I guess I stand corrected on the model. Those side ports in hull are not original that I remember. There were at least 4 boats I recall seeing around Lake Michigan and none had those. The back one might be located in aft cabin (on port on one I sailed on; there was aft head on starboard side), but center one not sure. Also not sure about 4 cowlings on transom. But was quite a while ago.
  3. As I recall, hull lines based on a successful 2 tonner. Beneteau offered a few variations- lead keel/cast iron, standard rig and tall rig. Maybe couple other variables. I raced on Great Lakes boat that had tall rig, lead keel. If I remember right, it weighed in about 23000 pounds. Owner bought it directly from France 87/88 at a time that exchange rate made it a steal. There were several others on the Great Lakes, we always managed to beat them and do well in Mac races and other distance races. We sailed through 50 knot+ squall with reefed main and #2 trucking up rhumb line when others down to
  4. It is not the Frers designed First 42; used to race on one back in 80's. That model did not have those ports just under deck level. Boat in pic look a bit bigger than 42.
  5. We coat some of our metal products with ceramic spray for increased wear resistance. But that is via plasma spray with high temp/high velocity where the ceramic material bonds to the metal substrate. I am not sure that ceramic powder added to a liquid paste or some carrier is really going to hold up any better than a wax. Not sure what would make it stay put. And since ceramics are very hard, you might want to find out about particle size/quality control, so it doesn't end up actually scratching the paint.
  6. My C&C still has original Barients for primaries (I added Lewmars for spin sheets decade ago as boat had none). I have serviced the Barients 2x I think in 12 years, they always spin fine. But boat has been in freshwater its whole life, so that helps.
  7. Checklist - Copy.doc Here is a pretty generic spring checklist I found somewhere years ago (I think, haven't tried to attach files before). It is not formatted particularly well, but an ambitious person could put it into an Excel list. I thought I had another one, but cannot find it. There are a number of lists on the C&C website (spring/pre-launch, fall/storage, etc.) C&C Yachts - C&C Photo Album & Resource Center (cncphotoalbum.com)
  8. That is true. But air travel occurs in a 3D environment on predetermined routes/waypoints, etc. with mandatory separation of paths , flown/monitored by trained professionals. And monitored via humans on radar screens in the event something unexpected occurs like a decompression or engine failure requiring deviation from a published route. Not quite the same as all the distracted drivers on a highway with the occasional deer or ice/snow/rain that causes differing reactions from different drivers in close space.
  9. Saw headline today. Kind of cool, kind of spooky. 40+ years of satellite images stitched together over time showing broad changes to earth landscape. Some of it is a little jerky, probably due to changes in resolution capabilities. Changing coastlines, urban growth, etc. Dubai grew out of the desert from practically nothing and Shanghai 5 or 6 times larger since mid 80's..... http://goo.gle/timelapse
  10. This was mentioned in a couple forum update related threads a few weeks ago..... Someone discovered the "theme" settings on the middle bottom of the forum page are active. Changing "theme" to one of the top 2 or 3 options rather than "SA default" puts a menu on the top right of screen (3 lines) that is accessible on phones/tablets/Ipads, etc. Clicking on that menu bar gets pop-out submenu for messages and notifications. Sidenote, I think the update/upgrade is not completely finished. Possibly observing data/feedback before completing so some work does not have to be done 2x if ther
  11. Hope our resident SA gulf oil worker (jkdub or something like that) not affected or has friends or coworkers involved. Hoping for best outcome but as time passes rescue less likely.
  12. So glad to hear and happy to do whatever little bit from afar to help.
  13. It might be more challenging if the picture didn't have the model info in the file title. Maybe.
  14. Thanks for the continued updates on Hobot, and for passing along the insight from various medical facilities. Sending continued best wishes to Hobot, Hope, and all his family and friends. Only localized stories about the "resurgence" seem to be hitting main stream news outlets. I do see today CDC is suggesting return to "essential" work/travel requirements in the state of Michigan (in my area of the country, so paying attention). I suspect the CDC and other health authorities have been tuned out by a not-so-insignificant portion of the population after over a year, partly from fatigue
  15. Great news, thanks again Boomer.
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