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  1. I can only find 2 in 20 years in the UK. So slightly safer than using a set of IKEA shelves. Much safer than either golf or crown green bowling. A drop in the ocean compare to the number of people who die canoeing, or ribbing. Or even the number of people who drown while using cars. Come on RYA, you're supposed to be protecting boaters from petty bureaucracy, not instigating it.
  2. As a C board boat, it was under developed and rushed to market, then it later had a quick and dirty conversion, and they called it a foiler. Unsafe at any speed, it's a perfect example of 'throw any old crap at the sailors, we'll just tell them it's good'. In contrast, you have a boat developed and refined over a thousand generations, forged in the heat of battle, to be the ultimate sailing machine. All boats are finicky, but at least you can keep making your one better, you are not just stuck with design flaws made years before.
  3. It'll be like going from a European supercar to an American truck.
  4. Fuck ISAF, and fuck the clown car they drove into town. Entrapment due to trap hooks is statistically insignificant, but the cure will cause many more accidents than the supposed risk. Have any ISAF boar members ever actually gone out on the wire? They introduce to the games a couple of untested dinner tray classes that sweep the ocean with long bits of ultra strong invisible piano wire, so their natural response is to legislate 60 year old proven safe technology out of existence? Seriously, sacking is too good for them, they should be made to pay it all back first. Think I'll just get a
  5. Hike harder you shower of cock sucking wankers, that fucking prick and his wife in the fucking Beneteau is back.
  6. Once read an Uffa Fox story, from when he sailed Skerry Cruisers, he came up with the opposite of a chicken gybe. He worked out that if he turned the boat through the gybe fast enough, with the mainsheet still at max ease, he could spin the boat far enough that the apparent wind would be forward the beam of the new gybe, so the wind would stop the boom crashing against the mainsheet or the stays. Try it, it's fun, just look out for those loops of mainsheet.
  7. Thanks for sharing, both the good and the bad. After 14's, everything else is a doddle. Every time I hear some wanker in a 10 ton yacht profess, 'she's just like a big dinghy', I think back to time spent trying to race 14's, and think, no. Good luck for the worlds.
  8. Call or email class sailmaker Mike McNamara, McNamara Sails, he will best be able to give you advice on this. Could be a good idea, I think rig tension was the usual end of the wooden ones, reducing headsail size might reduce rig tension requirements, so reducing stress on an older one. Can't think it would be competitive with Genoa Hornets upwind in less than 10 knots, but it should still make you grin. You would have to move the jib cars too. You could always ask your club for a slightly higher handicap.
  9. There is so much brand loyalty / confirmation bias here, I am amazed. I look at my life, I might have a couple of 90+ year old trinkets lying about, for sentimental reasons, but my car, bike, boat, shoes, furniture, tools and personal effects are all under maybe 30 years old, and replaced on a cost/performance/need basis, because all of these items have evolved beyond their predecessors to be better, more comfortable, lower maintenance, efficient, etc. In the uk, to win in a traditional class, means spending much more than on the equivalent modern class, due to the traditional boat being mor
  10. Looking around my local marina, about 1 sailing boat in 20 now take part in any organised group events in any given year, this is down from maybe one in five a quarter century ago. Don't know why this is, people certainly don't have less time now, and looking at the average size and age of the boats there, it would be wrong to say there is less money about. Amongst cruiser racers in UK, don't think the speed and difficulty of the boats has changed much, due to IRC favouring more full lined boats in the more attainable sizes. If anything has changed, it's been the boomer generation proving b
  11. I was about the Persian Gulf for a bit on boats, can't think of a worse place to take a cruising boat. If the many shallows, obstructing oil infrastructure and a confusion of exclusion areas and overlapping gunboat bureaucracy don't get you, then the unlit fishing boats and unlit fishing gear and semi competent marine traffic and petty tinpot officialdom will. The water is nice and warm, but is so salty it feel like it's burning your eyes right out of their sockets. Plan on needing aircon 24 hours a day for 10 and a half months of the year. If you feel you really have to tick that box,
  12. I kid you not, company I worked for, the bosses son sent an articulated truck to the yard to collect a 50 ton shackle.
  13. RS200 like a National 12, RS400 like a Merlin, RS300 like a moth, RS100 like a Devoti D1, RS600 like a Contender. RS700 like a Musto Skiff, RS Elite like an X boat, RS21 like an SB3. Flattery is the sincerest compliment. How many of the above are still offering better racing than the earlier classes? How many are dead classes, stealing dinghy park space?
  14. 'But to my mind it looks like a picture of a D zero drawn by a blind man ' Why doesn't the world love the Dzero? Seems like a good answer to a question many have been asking for years, ie a faster, more comfortable, easier to sail in a breeze, better quality, better load carrying, prettier, Laser?
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