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  1. Saw this a couple of weeks ago, really enjoyed it. He is clearly a man who follows his passion, is prolific in his output to say the least, and AFA micros go, I really like his ideas and implementation.
  2. Found one of these not too far away, a one-owner boat complete with a period "Mighty Mite" 1.7hp outboard. Of course, it's going to need some work, was wondering if anyone else has one of these and if so, can I throw some Q's at you? TIA!
  3. One of my good friends is the local TowBoat guy. He told me that the lines they use on the towboats these days will not spring with recoil back into the boat, so that's why they no longer need the shield behind the helm. I'm not sure of the particular brand, but it is a synthetic like amsteel, and of a diameter that it is so strong that on smaller boats (ie not ships), it just isn't going to break, because they cannot apply that much force with the tow boat itself. I think in this situation with the boat moving so much it was apparent to the tow captain that she wasn't beyond yanking off,
  4. The Wynnes were travel vloggers, rv/van life people from wayyy back - 10 years or more. They built themselves an audience and a business over time by living the life. To no small degree they helped develop the genre into what it is today. Here's what jumped out at me: ol' boy on Atticus is sitting there with a flathead poking holes into the bulkhead *right next to* the fairly new plumbing hardware it looks like he'd mounted there sometime recently, bemoaning the fact that they'd never noticed the "termite damage" and had never seen a termite....
  5. Up-thread someone mentioned Atticus YT'ers having bulkhead issues, parlaying that into a Kickstarter funded new boat. Yep, sure enough they did - I looked. In fact, they raised ~$92K towards a new boat. I then looked at their "OMG bulkhead probs SOB" video... How can one be so inept as to do a 3 year refit a 30' boat and never notice that the primary bulkhead is dry rotted? And who in their right mind then contributes to giving this person nearly $100K basically in reward for such a monumental, unforgivable fumble? SMH
  6. I've got an older boat I'm working on, it has an old, flat-plate AL blade rudder system. I was thinking the Dotan price would be pretty much 'cheap' when compared to the time I would spend DIY'ing something else, and would definitely be MUCH more esthetic. The easy up/down would be a bonus. I sailed beach cats for many years, work and play - that sideways blade strength test is impressive. Thanks for the replies!
  7. Found it. See the big one? It's a 125' Feadship. . Mine are to the left of that one, though; the I36 and A30 on the outer end of the dock at bottom.
  8. Well, maybe not exactly "automatic". but damned close. Has anyone here used or seen these in person? Seems the only way to get them in the USA is from the OEM in Latvia. https://www.dotan.com/en/
  9. That'll buff out. Seriously, if you get it free from the trees it may well assume most of its former shape. If so, a little crack sealing with 5 minute epoxy, and Bob's your uncle. Go for it - don't give up the ship!
  10. Yep, Diamond Head in the distance, and the surfers in the background would be out riding Ala Moana Bowls. I'd like to see the next few minutes, if that wasn't the last wave of a set.
  11. Never hurts to keep a bucket with a stout line attached in/near the cockpit. It can come in handy for all types of occasions and/or purposes.
  12. Someone needs to asplain to them that centrifuged oyster spit does NOT create thrust...
  13. Amen! I think you crossed the line about 15 miles ahead of me. Congrats, good race!
  14. Seeing the newold Reid thread revival, it is so tempting to post that Squeaks new vid is out and post a link - to "Void Ho!". I know it'd probably get at least one of ya... But it might be snaggs, an than therth be hail to payye... Squeaky Bubbles, I know it ain't easy, but I hope the second surpasses the first in all aspects.
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