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  1. According to the B&G website, the display can/does act as a standard N2K display picking up whatever is on the network, so if the vulcan is transmitting the information then the display should be able to pick it up
  2. There’s a couple in the nz 8.5 multihull fleet. I’ve got one with the nmea interface, 11.5m mast, works fine sending mast rotation corrected awa and aws to the network. I’ve got a b&g z100 gps, and triton 41 displays, so they will calculate tws and twd. Took a bit of playing around with the damping, as the open wind, nmea unit and the displays all have damping/smoothing options so initially seemed really lazy to respond to changes in direction but got there in the end. cheapest plug and play nmea mast rotation out there, but seems to work fine for me at the price point
  3. I read that as 5kts of boat speed, but only 2.5kts VMG?!
  4. Anyone know how the 880 is dealing with mast rotation for the wind instrument package?, is there a mast morataion sensor inside the mast and a H5000 tuckled away or are the running a different solution? Couldn't see anything on the Tula videos except the B&G head units
  5. gusty and shifty and not dropping below 8kts in the last hour on the race course, should be interesting...
  6. Assuming they do get a start away whats the race time limit? 45 mins?
  7. If you can bang either corner on the beat without hitting the bricks, I would thinks that's pretty close to meeting the definition
  8. https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/shipid:5139316/zoom:7 Last position is 5 hours old
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