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  1. I read that as 5kts of boat speed, but only 2.5kts VMG?!
  2. Anyone know how the 880 is dealing with mast rotation for the wind instrument package?, is there a mast morataion sensor inside the mast and a H5000 tuckled away or are the running a different solution? Couldn't see anything on the Tula videos except the B&G head units
  3. gusty and shifty and not dropping below 8kts in the last hour on the race course, should be interesting...
  4. Assuming they do get a start away whats the race time limit? 45 mins?
  5. If you can bang either corner on the beat without hitting the bricks, I would thinks that's pretty close to meeting the definition
  6. https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/shipid:5139316/zoom:7 Last position is 5 hours old
  7. is there a tracker for sodebo beyond AIS?
  8. I was on one of the two 10m cats to finish, got in at 1.30pm. Kept the code zero up all night, and this mode allowed us to a bit of a gap to the boats we were racing with earlier in the race, then managed to find a way around the parking lot at Cape Brett that included the leading boat in our class at the time. Our total race time was over 27 hours, and that was for line honours in the division. by contrast, last year we did the race in a trimaran 1.5m shorter, but in under 9 hours. very challenging race and glad I did it, big props to everyone who toughed it out to the end, al
  9. the liteskin is a 3rd party product, dimension polyant I think. I' ve bought 4 sails with liteskin on them from Evoloution sails, although all were in the last 3 years so can't really speak to the longievty too much, but nothing I'e seen gives me any cause for concern. They are certinaly more durable than just mylar and lighter than regular taffeta. For no compromises racing, its not the lighest sail you;ll get, but it does seem to hold up to abuse pretty well.
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