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  1. There’s a couple in the nz 8.5 multihull fleet. I’ve got one with the nmea interface, 11.5m mast, works fine sending mast rotation corrected awa and aws to the network. I’ve got a b&g z100 gps, and triton 41 displays, so they will calculate tws and twd. Took a bit of playing around with the damping, as the open wind, nmea unit and the displays all have damping/smoothing options so initially seemed really lazy to respond to changes in direction but got there in the end. cheapest plug and play nmea mast rotation out there, but seems to work fine for me at the price point
  2. I read that as 5kts of boat speed, but only 2.5kts VMG?!
  3. Anyone know how the 880 is dealing with mast rotation for the wind instrument package?, is there a mast morataion sensor inside the mast and a H5000 tuckled away or are the running a different solution? Couldn't see anything on the Tula videos except the B&G head units
  4. gusty and shifty and not dropping below 8kts in the last hour on the race course, should be interesting...
  5. Assuming they do get a start away whats the race time limit? 45 mins?
  6. If you can bang either corner on the beat without hitting the bricks, I would thinks that's pretty close to meeting the definition
  7. https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/shipid:5139316/zoom:7 Last position is 5 hours old
  8. is there a tracker for sodebo beyond AIS?
  9. I was on one of the two 10m cats to finish, got in at 1.30pm. Kept the code zero up all night, and this mode allowed us to a bit of a gap to the boats we were racing with earlier in the race, then managed to find a way around the parking lot at Cape Brett that included the leading boat in our class at the time. Our total race time was over 27 hours, and that was for line honours in the division. by contrast, last year we did the race in a trimaran 1.5m shorter, but in under 9 hours. very challenging race and glad I did it, big props to everyone who toughed it out to the end, al
  10. the liteskin is a 3rd party product, dimension polyant I think. I' ve bought 4 sails with liteskin on them from Evoloution sails, although all were in the last 3 years so can't really speak to the longievty too much, but nothing I'e seen gives me any cause for concern. They are certinaly more durable than just mylar and lighter than regular taffeta. For no compromises racing, its not the lighest sail you;ll get, but it does seem to hold up to abuse pretty well.
  11. There’s 3 levels, a full processor based solution, fastest and best data, but also the most expensive. Next is having actual compensation measurement on the mast, and a black box with with known wind gear feeding into nmea third is a Kickstarter ish plug and play that is very cheap in comparison to the above, but also the most unproven
  12. You would think, as the boat heading could be inferred from the gps heading and the unit alignment from the internal compass. But this isn’t how it’s programmed. The installation instructions still require the unit to be aligned to the front of the boat. You are back to having to post process the information.
  13. Is that with the Honeywell magnetic rotation sensor ? The LCJ unit always looked the best of the bunch for ultrasonic
  14. It won;t communicate that over NMEA through. The installations instruction note there is a little mark on the unit that has to be aligned to the bow of the boat I think its due to NMEA sentences normally reporting AWA as an offet to the bow, rather than an actual direction. I looked at trying to put one of these on the rotating mast on my trimaran, but I couldn;t see a plug and play to get it to work without a rotation compensation sersor on the mast and a processor of some sort, suddenly very spendy. I think it has an open API though so you might be able to home brew something with
  15. It does not have compensation built in. Check OpenWind.de for a plug and play rotating mast solution
  16. Slight thread drift, but theresa race management app called bouy zone thats getting a fair amount of use here, https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=dev.featurehub.buoy_zone&hl=en makes setting courses easy, plus also links to the support/mark boats to pass through the information around where to set the marks
  17. If you can’t lay your hands on a loader at short notice then shaving foam will hold the balls long enough to slide it back on the track and still washes out easily. pay attention to the number of balls, it is possible to put too many in!
  18. No idea on software, it was a screen grab from a Corsair webinar on the 880. I did wonder if it included a kite as thats an optional extra.... The change in shape around 90 degrees certainly suggests a screacher
  19. here's the projected polars, thought they would have had a bigger apparent wind vmg lobe?
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