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  1. radtim


    Well that makes sense...
  2. radtim


    So Cal would give you a #.. Not a chance in hell in Nor Cal.. Ask Scooter. Wabbit Rule.. you need a min of 400lbs in the keel
  3. Be glad there's no kelp in OK... Be a little hard to see it on a black foil
  4. radtim


    Al Viper rig will be bomb proof also... a few still around, starting to be like hen's teeth though.. I know of two on the east coast. One had a reused mast from a salt water boat and he replaced it with a new Z Spar Al rig for under $1k. The other boat lost the mast and has since picked up a new Dwyer aluminum stick. There was another Midwest boat that the (CF?) rig that came down, but that was attributed to a compression post failure. For under $500 I'm starting with an aluminum Viper rig. With the inner sleeve from the base to just above the spreadersIt is heavier. Howe
  5. Naaa... the 70 is just about right for my dad...... oh that's right.... Dad's dead.....
  6. These are both GREAT, WONDERFUL boats... I have been doing the Viper thing for 5 years now, started @ 50yrs old and my biggest problem with the fleet is they all keep wanting to buy you more drinks. And I have great friends in the VX clan and they have the exact same attitude. I hope they don't hurt me too much in Houston next week. You really cannot go wrong with either boat, I sail my Viper singelhandedly from time to time, two up with my daughter or wife, or get my friend aboard and swap tacks with the best of them @ the major regattas.. I am VERY CONFIDENT you will see a 4
  7. radtim


    Cool, another J Speedster... Afterburners or Bunsen burners?? And what is downwind planing performance in "moderate to fresh breeze"? is that like a small craft advisory?
  8. radtim


    I have Joe on ignore, but I will respond to this because I respect your opinion and know you have contributed to the dialogue. So, let's take the bottom end of your "MIGHT"...how many boatlengths is 3% over a 4.2 nm course? You sail in a the Viper class...how many mods have you done on the Viper? (You left the i550 to sail in a one design fleet) As stated again and again (look it up) I have no complaints with Chris's Open 550 idea, the Portland Group or the concept of allowing whatever mod you want to make to the i550. I just can't figure out why there is a core group of individ
  9. radtim


    As far as hull tolerances, the "Most Optimum" shape within the constraints of the i550 rules MIGHT have a 3-5% improvment.. I mean there is only so much that you can do with a 18' box. I am willing to bet a case of Mt Gay that the sailing abilities of the i550 builders probably vary as much as 50% or more. I think until LOTS of i's are out there and folks learn how to sail them, all this 1/2" shit +/- is as important as a Nat's Ass. Quit bitchin folks and get sailing. my .02
  10. radtim


    And a shout out to the PDX group... We are going to be traveling up to your region for WIRW. Do you expect to have some boxes up there?
  11. radtim


    have you thought of a I-14... Just Sayin...
  12. radtim


    I think you i550 Rocket Scientist's have far exceeded the Vipe technology.. We have 3 sheets, 3 strings and 1 halyard to play with.
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