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  1. John D

    VX Evo

    any results to help with the question??
  2. Are there any of the remote screens available that are sunlight readable? My galaxy tablet work well doing all the nav functions but can only read it down below.
  3. Sounds better than nothing.....but nothing would probably work too. The tinting would provide eye protection from UV. Shore time and skippers meetings etc use conventional mask precautions. Temp. test if you have crew.
  4. anything here come close?? https://www.sailmagazine.com/diy/navigating-the-app-world
  5. F5. Big grin but thinking ahead of how sore I will be next week. F6. At the bar sipping another cold one looking at whitecaps breaking over our shallow docks while the "Bravehearts" are out recovering their rides and breaking shit!
  6. See if you can find a Trinka 10 to look at. Won accolades from Cruising World type Mags for rowing, towing and sailing. I sailed one and it was not exciting but U already knew that. Very pretty and well made
  7. Good News for sailing. Better late than never.
  8. what was the water depth and distance to the south shore?
  9. heres' another option https://sailboatdata.com/sailboat/holder-17-ds water tight cuddy that U can fit in. Self bailing that works. Reefing and rollerfurling are OK, Cast Iron centerboard for ballast. Mine had a 135% jenny added that upped the performance single handed in low winds up to 10/12 kts. Over 15 I had to go back to the 100 but the performance was ok at that wind speed. After spending several hours or more fighting 35 kts and rain squalls its nice to think about getting into some dry shit and dry food. Its even better to have some.
  10. Just another opinion. If the data entry and times calculated is made simple enough and the users can see the results of their input, I think the clubs RC would have no problem with the extra effort. Looking up ratings, filling out entry sheets, and after picking up marks, puting the rc boat away, using as many as three different wind speed ratings figuring the times and then and trying to get results posted while the skippers were at the bar whining about their ratings was not rewarding for the RC. KISS.
  11. John D


    Raider Sport = free standing rotating mast. Waters Sails has made some jibs for this model. All jib hardware is to be added. As to ratings, ask US Sailing( meant as joke). If U decide to proceed, PM pics of boat for hardware details.
  12. No, I haven't sailed one before and don't plan to. I just responded to the picture shown. Still, there are solutions to the problem without spending $1K . BTW, if corrosion was a frequent problem that should have been an easy fix too.
  13. If this is typical of the bend or breakage point the problem could B solved by a.080 aluminum insert into the lower section. On a new spar about 8 bucks in material and 10 min labor cost. Save the carbon for something worthwhile.
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