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  1. Built in Happy Valley by Dave Blair.
  2. Turner did that on Long Island Sound and I believe he was racing American Eagle, early 1970's
  3. That plywood looks like particle board,,,,,,
  4. Pictures are OK but no identification requested for fear it will become crowded.
  5. Ernie surely doesn't live in a trailer park, he looks out over Newport Harbour and Catalina from every room in his magnificent home.
  6. That's a bunch of great memories,,,,,, Larger blocks are APM (American Precision Marine) from the early 70's, designed for 12 meter loads . The Sparcraft is a #8, original Ted Mangles patent, 17- 4PH not Titanium,
  7. Call Thommo (714) 329 1995. He'll find you one.
  8. Roger and Paul have done a great job of providing a reasonable looking yacht at an attractive price, a good business equation. Based on the number sold worldwide and that I've seen cruising, at least coastal, tropical and Western Med, I'd have to say congrats. But no, I'm not buying one.
  9. Choater and Charlie could easily match Westerly in quality and accuracy if you paid Westerlies prices. Dencho boats won a lot of races for owners who had budget constraints. Both builders served Southern California well and should be respected. (I did several projects with both yards and have high praise for them).
  10. I'd be surprised if that gap wasn't closed when the bolt was installed. Leo is quite the perfectionist.
  11. After the BBS at St.FYC in late 70's when crew were returning to Newport Beach there was an 'incident' at SFO (airport) when Bobby Thompson, wearing a Terrorist shirt, was interrogated at the gate. Not sure he made the flight,,,,,
  12. 5 port lights on cover photo against 4 on the Morris 38
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