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  1. I guess you did not get my humor. Obviously, to anyone that knows anything there is no right answer.....
  2. I am very confused as to all the controversy here. Isn't it obvious what the "best" offshore boat is? A boat that doesn't leak into your bunk A boat that doesn't leak into the bilge A boat that keeps its keel A boat that returns with its mast pointing upward after it is pointed downward A boat that has handholds A boat that keeps its rudder
  3. It really depends on the loads. I used MLX on my Bristol 43.3 and was very happy. Warpspeed is more expensive but stronger. Do you need the extra strength? Check out the Harken load calculator for the genoa sheet and halyards.
  4. Craig shared that he new Brian for a very long time. He was dismayed that Brian would not communicate about the situation.
  5. I saved on the 140% Genoa 8k. After a year and a half aggravation. Didn’t have the sail for the season last year but didn’t race last year.
  6. So after hiring a customs broker, I was able to get the sails from JFK airport to my home. I brought the sails to a major loft for inspection and modification of a staysail to add an antitorsion line that Brian Hancock from Great Circle Sails said he had and would install. He refused to respond by email, iMessage, text or phone to confirm he was still willing to do so. So, in the end, I am out the cost of shipping, the customs broker and the anti torsion line. On the plus, the sails look like they are well made with good construction technique and materials. Thus ends an 18 month experience
  7. Anyone have an opinion on Antal jammers vs. Spinlock? I'm looking at 3 jammers for the halyards on my Baltic 51. Big loads. Antal - Standard DV jammer for lines 12mm has a swl of 3000 kg. Costs about $700.00. Spinlock ZS jammer 12-14 mm has a swl of 2200 kg and costs about $1800. Anyone buy Antals and was disappointed?
  8. Well, the sails just arrived to the US from the South African loft. I'll have them later this week. When I am able to take a look at them, I'll post my impressions. I thank Craig for being a stand up guy for finishing and delivering them directly to me after Brian Hancock disappeared with my deposit.
  9. I’m surprised hydranet wasn’t mentioned. What shape will Dacron sails be in 5 yrs in the future for a trip to Patagonia .
  10. I think these are great. I did a partial rewire on my old boat with these about 7 years ago. No issues. Far easier to use than the tiny screw terminals.
  11. How about this: https://www.wayfair.com/Honey-Can-Do--24Pocket-12-Pair-Overdoor-Shoe-Organizer-SFT01002-L3763-K~HCD1473.html?refid=GX490221401723-HCD1473&device=c&ptid=904378365818&network=g&targetid=pla-904378365818&channel=GooglePLA&ireid=116665814&fdid=1817&gclid=Cj0KCQiA-aGCBhCwARIsAHDl5x-JT9886o4ILhnIAxhBeznTovKDbBdtZWUuKsJcamPU-B5RhjjW3IEaAvwGEALw_wcB 24-Pocket+12+Pair+Overdoor+Shoe+Organizer.webp
  12. I have an ancient James Bliss float coat!
  13. Someone told me they were able to file in small claims court in MA online. That person already has.
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