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  1. I think there is a bit of protectionism going on but without knowing which deal you're talking about, I can't comment. But I really believe most of this is just big people politics and the protectionism angle is a side effect. For example, the US has a deal to sell Natural Gas to Japan. "U.S. LNG has three unique strengths. The U.S. firms can offer varieties of business models that are not currently proposed by other countries; the U.S. pricing mechanism is flexible, and not linked with the crude oil price at which most of the Japanese offtakes are bound to purchase under the long-term
  2. Energy content taxes are actually pretty easy to assess - but they will be gamed. They are now. Smelting the ore takes a lot more energy than connecting the final ribbon cables so that means that certain 'tax advantaged' locations are set up to do certain value add steps. WHERE do you assess the tax in the value chain matters. "Recycled" materials get messy, blah blah. Lots of details. Auto manufacturing has been trialing these processes for decades now. But ultimately, you can create a carbon-ish tax to drive up the cost of produced goods and then plow the taxes into... something.
  3. It's been a while since i've been around residential construction. Commercial seems to be all screws and staple guns.
  4. I actually suspect it'll be a lot like how Europeans and their decedents look back at slavery. The majority won't look back at all. The remainder will look at it as something between 'necessary evil' and 'abstract guilt'. One of my fundamental beliefs is that society - as currently structured - is the logical outcome from a certain set of principles. If you don't like the outcome, you have to change the principles. To torture a metaphor, we've built a house that requires nails and then tried to design a better hammer because we don't like the banging. That's why I personally tend to
  5. Yea, i don't see it. The 'end of days' scenario is a evolutionary bias that's been leveraged for millennia to get converts to all kinds of causes. We're "meta-truthed' into that bias so I get it, but in this context, the math doesn't work out that way. I don't think 'this generation' is all that special. Could nuclear winter end us? Possibly. But it would take sustained effort to get the job done. AI + Nukes? Yea - that is at least plausible. Someone could make a doomsday machine that would come back every so often with a 'booster shot' to get rid of the remnants. Biological?
  6. Yea - at some point, I think we will look back at this phase as "whale oil on steroids".
  7. Excellent - thanks for sharing that. I had never heard her.
  8. Personally, I like Sophie's stuff a little better but Brass against does a great job with all their covers.
  9. Britney Hayes of Unleash the Archers has become one of my favs. And, of course, anything by Floor Jansen.
  10. The death of the gasoline engine is grossly exaggerated. The devil is always in the details. Energy is fungible. Gasoline can be turned into nat gas or diesel or propane or whatever. The refineries make their chemical cuts based on what's valuable. They can adjust within some limits, depending on how they're configured, and it does take time. But they can convert. Electric cars don't power themselves and as much as people like to believe solar is the answer, it's only a small piece. For every car that's not filling up at a gas station, its going to be filling up SOMEWHERE and that
  11. I can't tell if we're agreeing or talking past one another Either way, thanks for the feedback. I do think we have programming that tells us 'enough babies, you can slow down now'. I believe that program is well underway. I'm not sure that it instructs killing each other but that may, in fact, be an option - particularly when it comes to short term stressors. I think you've got both genetic and epigenetic instructions, one is for the long term, the other is to address environmental stressors. I'm much more inclined to believe the long term 'right sizing' - i.e., slow withering,
  12. For me, 'the end' is much more banal but no less 'end'. Yea, most of the projections tend to be 'straight line' to the cliff kinda estimates because that sells books. For example, "Peak oil" was always a misnomer made to sell papers. The proper title should have been "Peak Cheep oil", which was true. In 1900, if you dug a Hole in Texas, you were more likely to hit oil than water. Now we’re miles down. The EROEI has dropped from near 100 to around 15 and falls every year? You can still get what you want, just costs more and takes longer. Straight line or not, we DID hit peak chee
  13. There is a bit of goal seeking sometimes. COVID has already jumped into other cohabitating species. It's never going away - ever. There will never be 'complete' herd immunity. Ever. Every human on earth will eventually develop resistance to spike proteins either by getting sick or getting a vaccine. If you're alive today, get the vaccine.
  14. One of the best scenes ever...
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