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  1. Unless you have two tanks in rotation I think that sounds like a recipe for displeasure.
  2. Ultimately if you pay yourself $25/hr to refill the tank, depending where you live, you could pay for a propane stove in a season or two..
  3. Sitka still belongs to the same guy from 30 yrs ago. He lives aboard I think and goes in and out of marina on a whim. He must be 80ish? Mad Max survived the last storm and is still there. She was in Annacis slough most of the year. I heard the last owner kinked the rig at some point, hence her rapid descent to garbage show status. I think that's still a near-unused Farr 40 main on the boom partially covered. Sad. Is this fate better or worse than the X one ton Dauntless, still in a marina but rapidly dying, down to just the original tape drives, no engine, and painted wi
  4. Last time we got CNG it was a place in Langley that was the last place in the lower mainland. Don't remember the name sorry!
  5. I wanted to have the sprit while cruising, so anchor in roller, sprit rigged, and the whole thing low enough to sheet in the jib upwind. The subsequent version came along after I had cut the deck to make a proper rope locker, so couldn't deal with the pole on deck.
  6. The sprit is shorter than my pole by about 2", so no additional penalty over the penalty-length pole. I had much the same problem with pulpit, plus the long pole is hard to stow with a closed pulpit design. The forward stanchions are composite and go through the deck, are epoxied to the inside of the hull in the anchor locker, and then aggressively tabbed in. The whole crew can hike on the lower lifeline with minimal deflection, especially compared to any metal pulpit I've seen.
  7. I'm taking from this that hardly anyone has figured out how to do a long sprit that doesn't incur a 5' moorage penalty, unless they just do the full J/boat installation?
  8. Raz'r is that an IMX38 or something? What is that stubby sprit made from? Looks like you arrived at much the same solution I did for the Schock, which makes sense, similar proportions.
  9. So after a couple losses in light air downwind I put a pole back on the boat, overlength, with A kites. This works great, boat is quick. However to jibe you want a sprit to hold the kite out in front of the rig. A sprit also gives you options at leeward mark or in transition zones. So I built a short fixed sprit. This is actually a quick splashed mold off the bow, glued together using 4 pieces of carbon Fibre hockey stick shafts (from broken sticks) and wrapped in epoxy and 'glass. It works pretty good and less than 2' so minimal impact to moorage.
  10. Ultimately I think this was not long enough, but not sure how far I could go in aluminum..
  11. This on deck setup worked but extension was only 2.5'. We were blazing fast in breeze but surprisingly suffered in lighter air. Spinnaker cut may have had something to do with it. It was ugly and interfered with the Genoa foot, and anchor locker access.
  12. On my Schock 35 I couldn't fully commit so decided on an on- deck setup for proof of concept. I had an old Melges 32 kite and got this aluminum setup welded at a local fishboat builder for $270. Its a 3.5" thick walled pipe, with custom mounts. It was retractable, and I rigged a bobstay as well as a purchase to extend it.
  13. So the writing is on the wall for most of us, anyone buying a new spinnaker at this point is likely weighing the benefit of another symbol kite against making the change to a prod. This can be done easily with a Selden kit, but they are klunky and come with tradeoffs, and are not cheap for what you get. Ditto the Trogear, different tradeoffs again. Every install is trading length, cost, moorage situation, and looks. I'm interested to see what others have come up with?
  14. As one of the users of the very first SA forums, I am seriously disturbed to see that 22 year number...
  15. I have a proper 120VAC 30A system on board, but previously I used our club-mandated system of a 30A shore power cord, with a Marinco 30/15A GFCI adapter, model 199128 I think. I'm pretty sure there was an incident at one of our marinas that prompted this to be the minimum required setup.
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