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  1. I looked at this boat recently with a friend. Nicer rig than most boats of the era. Unfortunately that would be the only piece that can be saved. Deck is a complete trampoline everywhere. In front of the mast I thought I was going through. As I stepped to the side the forward window popped out of its hole and fell on the deck. Every stanchion is completely surrounded by fractured deck. Tiller rotten. Cockpit rotten. Electrics all a nightmare and mostly half removed. Water damage on every piece of interior wood. The engine is not newer than the 1990s at best. Reeks of diesel ins
  2. Racing a CS, the best thing to practice would be "staying positive"...
  3. You guys... The laser 28 is kind of a miniaturized 32 footer. It sails as fast as a more traditional 35 foot racer cruiser like a c&c or something, often quicker. Its a boat you can spend time "in". The S2 7.9, Olson 25, and everything else at this size are all more like bloated J24s. The S2 is a great boat but the headroom isn't there and the galley is unworkable.
  4. After and before. Must be e faster right?
  5. Hitchhiker is at the Royal Van YC, still called Hitchhiker. Never been on a race course up here but I saw it out cruising this summer up north with a couple and a pair of teenagers on board, looking like they were enjoying it.
  6. The only boat better than the Laser 28 that ticks all these boxes is a Ross 930 if you can find one. I think they were built US east coast but I only ever see them in the PNW (in North America).
  7. One the N2K side, typically your plotter will have the Instance for each variable set to "Any" and then as long as you don't provide, say, two different Oil Pressure sentences it will just self-populate. You need to do instancing 0, 1, 2 etc if you have any multiples of any one variable. On the gauge sender side, there are multiple standards. For instance you can have resistance increase with temp, or decrease, depending on if you have US or Euro gauges. Then the endpoints are slightly different between brands, say +/- 5 ohms. So at least on the Actisense you connect via an N
  8. Yes, would have come to PNW around 1990. It was originally battleship grey with a red and black stripe.
  9. 1982 flush decked 40. Really well-built boat, made my current Schock boat look like it's made from cardboard derivatives. Also probably the best racer/cruiser cockpit design ever.
  10. You do need to program the signals - typically via laptop and proprietary software. You may also need to address the data at you plotter/display. Never used a Chinese knockoff unit but installed a bunch Actisense EMU units and a clue of other brands.
  11. I think it's going to be one of the Crown 34 copies built by San Juan, or Sun, or whoever else popped them out.
  12. I have that there for singlehanding, there is another in the cockpit.
  13. We raced a 100 miler this weekend - mostly downwind. Boat is going to be fine at 66 I think. Less nosey with the long sprit when the breeze is up.
  14. I'm interested what the long course teams think of that being scored as ORC LIGHT WIND numbers. We saw 25 knots for a lot of the miles on Friday and 12-13 for easily half the trip home? I wonder if you pretty much have to use an ORC constructed course for something like this? Straits was fun, my goofy modified boat held together and seems like it is close to a final configuration. The start pretty much defined the whole 100 mile race as far as we could tell, and we need a reaching sail of some kind... congrats to Diva who made that J109 look like a 40'er, impressed as always.
  15. I can believe that, we hit 14.3 with the whole bow under water a few years back - while bow team were washed back to aft of the shrouds. It didn't end great. I already got an A4, we're a bit light on reaching setups but should go downwind ok I hope.
  16. We rarely get much sea state so our margin before Wipeout is pretty good.
  17. I sail the exact same downwind angles with an A2 on a conventional (J+1') pole, as I did with a 2' bowsprit, up until aboat 17 knots TWS. And the smaller kite must be slower. I'm hoping the longer sprit (4') closes the gap In more breeze (more projection) and allows a faster bigger sail again. The luff length increases almost 4' compared to the sail on the pole, girths are about 2' more.
  18. Weather seems to be settling on cold and good for a late comeback by anyone who can set up in the right place at 2 am...
  19. First sail yesterday, it all works.
  20. The full 4 feet...
  21. A few boats that would be medium course are going the long way to qualify for Vic Maui. But I agree I expected a sellout crowd.
  22. It's back! What's the betting on divs for medium course? I think a split at 70 might make sense? Three TP52s on long course should be fun for those guys. Weather forecasts will start getting meaningfull in a couple days.
  23. The deck is stock almost everywhere. I think because I changed the windows around and made the hatch white instead of black it shows that original bump in the cabintop more than some others.
  24. Hopefully last test fit...
  25. Mine go to a Harken wire block at about 5' off the deck. A Harken bullet double block is on a padeye at the cockpit drains. Both parts of the control line run through the upper block and through the cockpit drain. One end, coarse tune, goes to a cleat beside the traveller. The other end connects to a 4:1/2:1 cascade (8:1 total) and the fine tune cleat is also next to the traveller. I would go 12:1 if I was replacing this system. There was an additional cascade for 16:1 on my boat when I got it, this was too much and it was hard to release.
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