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  1. I just read through this whole thread and this is obviously another "get a life" discussion. We are talking about long distance pursuit racing, probably at club level. These are most often organized as fun races to get everybody back to the club or somewhere else to a party at more or less the same time. Also to get some people out who don't normally race, because it's "just a sail with purpose" rather than the insane battle at the start line. Any pursuit races I have done we were the only boat on the line when it came time to start. I can't imagine that there would be more than 2 or may
  2. An actual use update. I did our boat today. Car said temp was 3deg C (that's about 38 degF for you Mericuns) when I got to the marina. Had the boat prepped so started pretty much right away since there was no wind. I suspect the hull and keel may have actually been colder than the air (felt like it in the boat) since it was colder yesterday and we had some frost overnight. Mixed up the powder and solvent as usual, rolled it on, no issues at all. It may have taken a bit longer to dry than other years but it was still dry in less than 10 minutes. Good coverage, didn't use any more than ot
  3. Actually the name is sort of fitting. This is what a Hornfisch looks like. Still ugly but not far off the bow of the boat.
  4. for once ugly really applies
  5. Bump. Now that summer should be over even in NC it should not be too hot to launch this boat. Any updates? I would love to see at least a picture with masts up and hopefully sailing.
  6. Bump. Just checking. Has nothing happened over the last few months that is worthy of being reported in this illustrious forum or has ND finally decided to cut us off completely from all news about his lovely boat?
  7. Just a quick question about the hatch. What are a the "extra" bits of metal sticking out, aside from the hinges, which are lovely, and the pistons. Are there four latches, one for each side of the hatch driven by hidden gears or do they do something else? My poor foredeck hatch only has two and I have to operate each one separately, but they do seem to keep the hatch closed quite well.
  8. Bump. Any news on a launch date or pictures? It's been a while.
  9. Bump. Launch must be getting close now. Any news or pictures?
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