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    Rooster polilite.
  2. Our 29er has been stored outside in UK for 17 years. It looks like new. Always use a boat cover. Store bow up so any water drains out the back. And tie down is a must.
  3. cad99uk

    rs aero

    Thanks. My Google skills have obviously deserted me. Photos would be good.
  4. cad99uk

    rs aero

    Are you able to share the name of the company that does the Aero manufacture?
  5. cad99uk

    rs aero

    WestCoast, Thanks for the update. Yes, when I looked at the early photos I thought that it needed some grab rails. Also useful for roll gybes if I remember rightly from my Laser days.
  6. cad99uk

    rs aero

    WestCoast, Looking forward to your report. Any chance of capsize recovery footage starting with someone in the water and then getting back in?
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