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  1. Just picked up a 2017 430i hardtop, Coupe Convertible with 13,500 miles on it, in dark grey, black interior. With the windscreen up behind the seats, Missus BB's hair doesn't even blow around!! 2 Liter 24 valve 4 cylinder twin scroll turbo puts out 248 BHP. Not much trunk space with the top down, but plenty for PFD, foul weather kit, boots, etc. I would have preferred a brown or tan interior, but I stumbled upon this one, and didn't even shop around, just bought it. Life is short...
  2. I use Pandora or Spotify for music, it's easy peasy to install them, ask any 10 year old for help, if you can't to it. Otherwise only use it for phone, text, weather, occasional search, but I have no interest in trying to view video, or anything on the tiny screen. 14" laptop is nearly always at hand, for that stuff...
  3. I'm paying 95 USD/month for Comcast Xfinity, that has all the ESPN channels, that's enough!
  4. Requires a subscription, is that the $80 someone referred to upthread? Not worth it to me, at this point. The race is over and done now, history.....
  5. I am still pissed that the DVR only got the first half of the race, and best I could find online was a 7 minute highlight show. Anyone know where I might find the whole race online? I even set the DVR to record an additional hour, the info on Xfinity must have got the time wrong?
  6. What does Turner Classics have to do with PBS??
  7. Don't think there's much of a market for stripped F1 car parts!
  8. Bottas is not far behind Vettel in cooking lessons. When Guenther Steiner of HAAS was interviewed or taped earlier, every other word was fuck, and Toto, is not far behind him!!
  9. Sounds like one of the cooking shows Missus BB watches. Three Chefs are each give the same random, unrelated ingredients, and see who can make the best dish out it; "Chopped", maybe?
  10. Cheeseburgers with carmelized onions... Had a mushroom swiss burger at the Cafeteria at work last week, and it was pretty good!
  11. I had the DVR programmed to play and extra hour, but it only got half of the race, WTF?!?! So I had to watch the highlights on the net.
  12. What's that going to cost to attend? I think I will get a better view on my flat screen in the living room! As soon as Frostbite races are over this afternoon, the DVR will be switched on!!
  13. Trump's "Stop the Steal" lies have gotten him huge donations. Still some Trump signs here in semi-rural, SE CT, including a few "Trump in 2024" signs.....
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