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  1. I think they have sorted out the 737 Max, but this 5G can be a major clusterfuck if they don't solve it very soon..
  2. You didn't notice the thread about this a week or so ago???
  3. If this is true, and I have no reason to think otherwise, then the FAA was asleep at the wheel while 5G was in its infancy? Who gets the blame for that, at the FAA?
  4. No, they can google and find fake news purported to be clinical scientific results without Farcebook. It's not difficult to find RWNJ "proof", of their nutjob feelings, opinions and attitudes.
  5. Just browsed the 2022 best of comparison. Most around ten bucks a month, do I really need this? Brave private browser can be slow. And is that really a VPN? Thanks in advance!!
  6. So when Rupert croaks, you don't think his progeny will not continue the spreading of hate mongering???
  7. Not surprised that Wally World has venues for all tastes!! Las Vegas of the East???
  8. You can't be that poor flying from Aloha land to Wally world!!??
  9. In the 80's we used to feed the Manatees at Fort Liquordale. The Power Plant is right next to the port, and there was public access to the warm water outlets coming from the plants. We would get day-old starting to rot lettuce and other similar veggies and feed them. It was cool as hell!! Sadly I saw a bit on Sunday Morning or 60 Minutes about how they are dropping like flies! Dying by the droves because the waters are so polluted that no sun reaches the natural grass they eat, and most all of the grasses are dead and gone, and so goes the Manatee. Volunteers are paying to have som
  10. We are only protecting our families by encouraging them to NOT get vaccinated and vaxed!! Reverse psychology, I think?
  11. That's exactly what it means! The more non-vaxed Trumpers who become dead dumbshits, the better off the Country will be....
  12. Sorry for your obligations! Just drink through it! That usually works for many of us!
  13. Please name me just one "smart one", on this ship of fools?
  14. DINO'S Democrats In Name Only.
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