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  1. I posted this before, but must have not completed it?? I am sure there are many boats with that name. This one was an Alden Schooner.....
  2. Just heard from my guy in St. Catherines, Ontario that it's now September 7th, which is pissing me off!! He has an awesome, high performance, 1980 Resto-Mod classic Mini, that I want in my garage now! Just have to fly to Buffalo and a 25 mile drive, but can't happen until they open the border. And all the Stoned or Stupid USA MORONS refusing vaccination in the delta variant world now, are going to probably delay it even further!!
  3. Many years ago, when I was a teenager or maybe younger, Mom and her Yacht Brokerage business partner's Alden Schooner, "Windigo" IIRC, popped a garboard plank just off of Pt. Judith, on the way to Newport, and she went down very fast. All aboard got off safely, thankfully!!
  4. When my Grandfather was fishing on day in his 70's in his 10 foot Whaler, he was pulled over by the cops asking for his license. He was old enough that he didn't need one, but the newbies didn't know the law. My friend in Rhode Island thinks at 66, I might not need one now.
  5. Actually, I spoke with an old Mate in Rhode Island, and he is one of the owners of all of Rhode Island and CT. I can get in as a trainer and get free or deeply discounted rate. Licensing might be a hassle. When CT made everyone take a safe boaters course and get a license, I called and asked to get the license without taking the course, because I had a 100 ton USCG ticket at the time. They said I didn't need to get the license, I was exempt. Of course my CG ticket expired 27 years ago when I did not receive a renewal in the mail, and didn't even notice that, as I was too busy work in Real
  6. Membership fee and use any boat in their fleet. There is one in our town on the CT River, might be better than buying a Center Console as planned. Never mind, just found the info. 7 grand membership fee and $400 monthly fee.
  7. Many years ago, when our girls were little, we went on the Disney Big Red Boat. I am a slim guy, but the tiny corner mounted shower was like being in a coffin. That explained why all the Super Sized travelers bathed instead in the Hot Tubs up on deck every day.....
  8. I fairly certain that is not true, but too busy at the moment trying to figure out how to get my new used BMW's garage and gate buttons to open my garage doors. No info in car manuals anymore, everything is on YouTube....
  9. Typhoon-class submarine From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigationJump to search This article is about the Soviet/Russian submarine class with NATO reporting name "Typhoon", but with native name "Akula". For the submarine class with NATO reporting name "Akula", see Akula-class submarine. Typhoon class Typhoon-class SSBN profile Typhoon-class submarine making way Class
  10. Yeah well it is Connecticut; closely behind Taxachusetts to our north. That's why so many people flee for Florida! No state tax, and a homestead law that let's you keep your home, when you go broke, and lose everything else. That fact in and of itself, explains the quality and character of those fleeing here, for there... Doubt we will ever permanently flee CT, we love it here! Well, except for 4 colder months weather...
  11. Asked my accountant again, and he has a client who filed for 2019 in 2020, and still no refund.... Some Dems are trying to make a bill or something, to get the IRS to audit more high paid taxpayers instead of the little guys. One study found that the richest made a much larger percentage in dubious deductions and stuff than the small taxpayers. If they concentrated on auditing top earners they would collect billions more, than going after small fry. Some republicans of course, oppose this, because it's their donors!
  12. A tasty McDouble is still less than $2.25 at Micky Dee's!!
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