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  1. Believe it or not, the San Juan's are packed this summer. Marinas full, park buoys all take . Islanders getting very pissy threatening to shut off ferries. Downside is can't go to Vic or Canadian islands, so US is it and thus crowds. That said, still plenty of places to anchor. And provisioning in Anacortes is easy peasy. TOG
  2. Hawt. Sad too as always a good story for when you were twelve. You guys find pics and links. Me . . .
  3. Zoom/Skype chats with several players. Not bad. They all hate Joe TOG
  4. All old Top Gear re-runs. Motortrend running power watch. Must have bought from BBC. POne I saw a couple days ago didn't have Hammond. Probably after one of his "incidents." TOG
  5. I'm pushing. White Wing's on board. No feedback form SYC yet. Anyway, see you then.
  6. I had that bike as a kid. Won in a Piggly Wiggly raffle when I was still too young (read small) to ride it. So my dad, in his infinite wisdom, put wood blocks on the pedals, taught me how to get started by climbing aboard at the back steps and pushing off. The only way I could dismount was to do a controlled crash hopefully on a soft spot. The handle bars got pretty scratched up. Eventually grew into it and had it for quite a few years. Was a heavy mother though as I recall. TOG
  7. Alert!!! Bob Perry reference!! Bob? Refute or??
  8. And now, the mystery of the stern anchor roller is revealed. Kim You should have gotten your Grand Prix invite yesterday. I'm thinking maybe it's time for the Francis Lee to try and avenge her only loss. I'm lobbying for the Cruising Class to only sail Sat and Sun. Screw Friday. Bill - USA 18927, Anomaly
  9. Hey come on you guys, check out Da Woody (and the chubby chick)
  10. Check out the smashed up boat to it's right in the third pic. Jeeze, wonder how they got it back?
  11. Nice canvas? What's that wrapped up snaggle on the boom? (apologies to snaggy for the reference)
  12. Good thread hyjack. More Into the blue again/after the money's gone Once in a lifetime/water flowing underground.
  13. Sometimes also enjoyable when not quite sure who's the pic of to right click in Chrome and select "Search Google for this image" Never would have guessed Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, and the the links to other pics of semi (mostly) nude Stevie. Bravo Hobot. Very enjoyable thread. TOG
  14. Touch of Gray


    Bride looks like she will never ever ever again have anything to do with her now former BFF's. (Nice rack on the far right!)
  15. Saw a couple a couple weeks back pulling crab traps while they were in a kayak. Awkward and slow pulling 75 feet of line up, but doable. Saw them the next week on a jetski doing the same thing. Oh well
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