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  1. Breaking the laws of a sovereign nation, in that nation cannot be permitted by the State Department. Doing so would ruin what little credibility they have left. That said, what is Biden doing for these people? Not a damn thing. He has no intention of helping at all until there is a hostage situation. At that point, he will pay whatever demands the Taliban or ISIS has. That's just the solid person he is. I don't blame the Congressman for trying to get people out. Still you cannot expect the State Department to go along with that plan. I wonder exactly how many others are in this
  2. No I hold the President, Sec.of State, and the Chief's of Staff responsible. The generals on the ground were told to make potato soup without potatoes. They did the best they could with the hand they were dealt. I see this all the time. I was once told to teach classes of thirty, in a lab designed for ten. I took as much of that crap as I could, then left. That is very typical throughout the US right now, be it medical, industry, or banking. This is a direct result of our inept educational system.
  3. What you are describing is exactly what I was talking about. Top down our military has degraded in training and readiness. China is now a real danger.
  4. First we never should have been nation building to begin with. We have proven over and over we suck at it. Second, pulling all but 600 troops out and then starting the "Great EXIT Airlift" was just ass backwards. There would have always been complications, no way around that, but to put unneeded stress on those left was just stupid. Third, given a more orderly pull out, with multiple air bases still active would have allowed for better vetting and a better chance of getting the correct people out. Instead, it was open the gates and let as many in as possible, we will sort them out
  5. I agree with the bulk of what you said. The real threat is to the East. And yes the toys to fight the Chinese are certainly different, Navy heavy, fighters, subs and nukes. Maybe the top Brass was not convinced, but there definitely was a culture change. That change may not have included the role in Afghanistan, to be honest, that was a guess on my part, but there was a culture change. I saw it in the differences between the Navy I served in and the Navy my daughter served in.
  6. Afghanistan in a nutshell: We helped several tribes fight the Soviets and were well aware of how fucked up that place is. We watched the Soviets fail. Then came 9/11. W decided to continue his dad's beef with the area in general, Iraq in particular, but first lets attack a bunch of goat fuckers in Afghanistan, after all the Soviets left a mess and surely we can get rid of the terrorists. Shortly after intermediate success we listened to the UN and decided it would be a good place to prove that Muslims are good people who would gladly accept a democratic form of government. Th
  7. I was on the USS Dewey during that same time, in that same place. Fucked up shit is a good description. We were not allowed to shoot back. I ended up repairing bullet holes in the superstructure of other ships.
  8. I don't have time to dig up cites for you. Both have admitted to providing false information. Trump has not convinced me of anything. He is a blow hard New Yorker who exaggerates everything from the size of his hands to the size of crowds and much more. But Birx is no better. She specifically said that she has instructed I spoke at length with a doctor about keeping up with current information about a year ago. It was one of the best conversations I have had with any medical professional. He was a doc in a box and I was there for a sinus infection. His specialty was pediatrics. L
  9. I suggest we learn to actually count. With the US slipping in ranking in math of the past several decades it is not surprising that we cannot accurately count the number of actual cases.
  10. Western Europe is ahead of us on the curve. Brazil is behind us. India is overpopulated. None of the above are reporting as many false positives as we are. Hell, The CDC so far will not release the number of flue deaths this year. Wonder why? The simple truth is New York, has more deaths alone than most if not all European countries. Outside of New York, New Jersey, and the surrounding area, the US is not at all in bad shape.
  11. Name one politician that has been right about everything. It is easy to throw stones. Are you forgetting Pelosi's party in Chinatown? What about the apparent BLM protester's immunity? I'm sure the resounding success of New York measured by deaths puts them in a position to tell everyone else what to do, even if it is after the fact. We have been told that masks are good and we have been told that masks are bad, by the same experts, as in multiple experts from multiple organizations. I'm sorry but washing hands and wearing masks alone are not the answer. Sure they both help. But if you
  12. One of the best Robotics guys I have worked with is Mexican. He certainly is in support that allows better educational opportunities for anyone willing to do the work, not just Latinos.
  13. Thanks, but it is electricians, not engineers. I work in an engineering group, but my formal training is in education and electrical work. Good to see you again Mike. We are still working on the project I contacted you about. The product is in final testing and we are ramping up for production. I had to switch PLC's to a European brand that handles residential control much better. Fun stuff. The Covid thingy has set us back about six months in production time now. One of my contacts is stuck and can't get back to the US.
  14. I'm not sure what Selfridge is/was. Before teaching, my dad was a tool and die maker for Chrysler. We moved South to get away from the downfall of Detroit. I still have a great deal of friends and family in that area. I fell in love with sailing on Lake Erie, on the Canadian side. My Grandmother was Canadian.
  15. BTW what does 16 Mile Road look like now? When I lived there it was mostly pastures. We had horses and hunted pheasants out back.
  16. Cool job. Have a nice day. or FUCK OFF which ever is fine with me.
  17. I missed an apostrophe. so are you a EE, an ME or CHME?
  18. BS: Post Secondary Technical Education - Education and indoctrination are two totally different things.
  19. Unless of course if its Obama's ass, then licking is required.
  20. Generally spending more on prisons than on schools is a bad idea. In my personal view, allowing either to decide exactly how that money is spent is a worse decision. Neither have the acumen to properly maintain the institutions they run. Prison wardens will take the approach you accuse me of. School administrators simply lack the ability to understand reality beyond the classroom. I have seen terrible abuse and misuse in both cases. I saw $100K of equipment thrown into a trash heap just yesterday at a college. Sorry for the delay, I do have work going on too.
  21. So do you arm the social workers? How much authority will they be given? Will their mission be to take every firearm they find? How much more do you think a Ph.D in psychiatry going to demand to do that work? Where is that money coming from? Maybe all those degrees in X studies, that can't seem to get a job anywhere else could step up to the plate? Then cut the police force by how many? because the cops that handle domestic violence are the same cops that handle a myriad of other calls shift to shift. Who would you suggest to handle the roaming thugs, (peaceful protesters) who are burnin
  22. Better training by cutting their budget? Please explain.
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