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  1. For me, the main advantage is another min off the assembly/breakup time by not having to properly coil them. As you accumulate time saving tricks, you can get it down to 15-20 min
  2. I also make detailed spreadsheets with all the pros and cons, weight everything with a scoring system. Then I decide on whatever I wanted in the first place, mostly based on cool factor!
  3. Exactly. I sail in shallow waters with no jellyfish. When I hit the sandbank, I need the rudder to pop up and stay up, not try to dig a rut in the sand.
  4. The float attachment is interesting. Almost like the wing attachment of a sailplane. If they connected the two arms with a pin, they would save a lot of hull reinforcements.
  5. Well, if the floats displace 205kg and they are 200% buoyancy, then...
  6. I carry this in my pfd: https://www.nrs.com/product/47300.02/nrs-pilot-knife The main feature is the sheath: it is secure, yet lets go of the knife quickly with one hand. Have had it for several years and never fell off and hasnt lost sharpness nor rusted (river water)
  7. The Weta is almost perfect for what you describe. It is great at going fast-ish (10kt upwind, 14kt reaching enough?) solo in good winds and also for cruising dinghy style with small family. Non sailing wife will like it a lot as long as you dont firehose her. If wife sails, all the better. One thing often overlooked is that the weta is a pleasure to sail in any point of sail. Upwind is actually a lot of fun, and sitting on the float is a blast. In low winds, you can race your Laser buddies. In high winds, go chase 29ers. Safe for kids too. Assembly time is 20min once you ha
  8. Paul, thank you for some concrete information. Is Multihull direct actually selling F22s or whatever its name may be due ro rights issues? MD have the moulds, but can they sell boats? Myself I would trust MD more than Deadelus to build an F22
  9. I loved the 44 concept, because for me, solo rig, launch and sail is a MUST. At 16ft all carbon, this should not be lost weight wise, but I wonder if it won't be too powerful for 3 sail handling, solo in 20kt winds. Another question mark is if it will be possible to right it solo. I am so looking forward to Tom "new tri tester" Kirkman reports
  10. I think the direct competition is now the Astus 16, not the Weta? Would compete with the Weta as much as the Astus does. Tom, what do you think? You are the resident expert on this
  11. Exactly. Regarding the outline question, yes it is the same. More area comes from the curved luff and depth. Of course it is sheeted outboard, from the tramp aft corner. Had to add a couple of tweakers to prevent the sheet rubbing the shrouds.
  12. Guys I had a 75% spinnaker made from the 29er molds, of which only the upper part was used and the lower part modified. VMG improved A LOT. I can now stay powered up down to 130 AWA in light winds and much deeper in higher winds. It furls almost perfectly with just a bit of bag at the top but still need removing some material from the top reinforcement. It stays UP all the time, I've tried it up to 20kt winds. You do have to tighten (for furling) and slack (to fly it) the halyard everytime, for which I installed a cleat at deck level. This photo is the first time I installed the sail, aft
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