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  1. One of ours. Bought used and since sold. I think he would like to have more of an "island trader" style boat if he bought another large yacht.
  2. Very little is standard on a Delta.
  3. I'm going to guess that people around the world no longer dress in suits to go to sporting events, movies, or to travel. That being said, when my wife won two coach tickets to London via British Air at a charity auction we were told to be dressed smartly when we arrived to check in. When we did check in we were told there must be a mistake and we should not be in coach but in business class, wink wink, so we were upgraded. Nice start to a nice vacation.
  4. If you are going to dress up on your yacht at least have the right accessories.
  5. Merriam-Webster: : any of various recreational watercraft: such as a :a sailboat used for racing b :a large usually motor-driven craft used for pleasure cruising. Dictionary.com: noun 1. a vessel used for private cruising, racing, or other noncommercialpurposes. Cambridge: B2 a boat with sails and sometimes an engine, used for either racing or travelling on for pleasure: a luxury yacht a yacht club Wikipedia: A yacht /ˈjɒt/ is a recreational boat or ship. The
  6. I am a yacht designer for a manufacturer of large motoryachts. I have worked in boat and ship building since I was sweeping the shop floors at 10 years old at the family boat yard (now defunct). I am 64 now. Our process: A customer comes to us and we listen to their requireents. Our designers translate those requirements into loose 2D sketches of profiles and general arrangements while engineering generates a hull design based on length, speed, range and draft requirements. Engineering and design work together (your yin & yang) using AutoCAD, Rhino, and various other programs to
  7. No, I don't really care what specific field you are in. I am curious whether you start with a conceptual sketch and work towards a final product via an iterative process using your CAD software. Is it a creative process as in industrial design or a hard numbers strictly engineering process? Just trying to get a feel for where you are coming from.
  8. I am interested in what your workflow is from concept to production?
  9. I looked at this and while it creates the basic structure it does not create the details you need such as stanchions, brackets, collars etc, That is where some of the more mature products shine. After emailing the ExpressMarine people I got the impression that they are working on incorporating detail generation at a later date, Of course none of these ship's structure programs handle composite materials well if at all.
  10. OK I can't sit idly by for this. What a load of crap. 2D Cad drawings can be directly imported into 3D Cad and used to create 3D parts directly in the program. We do this all the time. No "manual lifting of points" necessary. Apparently you have never really worked in a design office or boatyard, or you are an out of touch codger, otherwise you would know this.
  11. The way I see it...there's about a 6' span of unsupported track. Even with the car to leeward when under load, that's still a pretty big load. The ends look well-braced fore-aft, but less so athwartships. Also, on a normal jib sheet arrangement, the sheet is turning 45-60 degrees...a bit less load on block than at the clew. With the shown rig, the sheet is turning 120+ degrees, depending on whether it leads forward or up the mast. Either way, load on block (and track) is in excess of the load at clew. A big boat...quite a big load on the sheet for a #3 strapped in at 20-25 knots wind speed. I
  12. "Transparent Aluminum" (aluminum oxynitride) exists: http://www.azom.com/article.aspx?ArticleID=8095
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