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  1. We have Tackticks and Garmin plotter so all should be ok
  2. looking for a NMEA multiplexer, needs 4 in and at least 2 out channels so the quark seems good also has to have wi-fi https://www.quark-elec.com/product/a035-nmea-multiplexer-with-vdr/ any suggestions before I buy the quark?
  3. Hi we run north 3di raw on our sj32cant fault it! It’s more expensive but lasts longer than panelled sails we used to have a lite skin jib on our old and it lasted very well, hope that helps
  4. Thanks all, boat is dip pole due to the length of the pole, we have gotten used to it now and fine it quicker( just out preference so it seems to be mixed opinions then! Basically yes it’s faster on longer legs ill get it on order then for cowes week this year.
  5. Thats sort of my thought, our J is small vs a more modern design so i do wonder if it will just sit there, however our Main vs Jib areas are slightly skewed.
  6. We are considering putting a spin staysail on our SJ320 (32ft racer cruiser) Currently running fractional kites around 70m2 ( cant go masthead due to the rig) We currently have a pad eye about 1.25m back from the bow ( J of 3.5m) but feel we will need something further forward The question is will it work on something this small? I know some ½ tonners run them. We are planning on sheeting it to the shroud base then either back to the primaries or to a cleat, And to hoist it on the jib halyard, Do they need a furler or is
  7. I have used Experdition quite a bit, always feel its a bit offshore orentaited, We have a tablet but i think the main thing is stopping the plotter being the primary input to the course etc, Not keen on ipad/phone use as the apps are more toys than serious race tools, and dont feedback into the system, Boat is a 32ft,
  8. We are looking at getting a PC and Software onboard, We have a Tacktick system running 0183 NMEA USb link Garmin Plotter (older ne) AIS Transponder boat is only used for racing, what we want is to be able to have something like experdition or seatrack that we can click marks and get some sort of data feedback through the system and it all appears on the screens on deck, then we get the polars and suggest kites etc, What do people suggest? Not keen on Ipads etc and they just arnt good for a days racing and the battery will be gone by midday
  9. Thanks Along the same lines as i thought then, ill get the grinder out tomorrow and take the old filler out
  10. Age old problem of a GRP hull with Iron keel and Lead bulb, We have an SJ320 (MK2) which has some small rust marks around the top of the keel route, We know this is an age old problem, as we do the filling etc when its out the water on the cradle then it hangs and hairline cracks apear What do other people do about this? as its just in the filler , glass tape the joint? or just accept it as a normal thing, hence why most new boats have a square route Also what do people normally fair the keel with? as we had a bit of rust on the leading edge and i want to seal it a
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