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  1. Busted out the wonky gull wing foils that may or may not be the right thing.
  2. Here is a scenario, Team Uk upsets NZL today and makes it final. So the fast boats don’t get another look at NZL
  3. Better work on your turns, I doubt we see a boat sailing on one gybe or tack for more than 1 minute.
  4. What happens to guys on the low side when they capsize? asking for a friend
  5. If we are to believe GD that it will be 25% faster than B1 then they were 25% wrong on B1
  6. Don't forget the optimum performance is gained by heeling to weather.............
  7. Really cool to see these boats ripping around but unless I am mistaken they will be hitting boundaries in minutes and will need to be turning far more often. I doubt we will see a boat on one tack or gybe for more than a minute during races.
  8. Just under 24,404 lbs according to certificate
  9. Great fun to read all the comments about the boat. It has touched so many people throughout the years, every where we go someone has a story about Merlin. I am lucky to have been sailing on it since Bill put the new keel on and I can vouch for how fast this boat is. We have yet to sail it to its full potential believe it or not. New Year’s Day 2017 we hit 29mph off Davenport with a very small TP 52 Main and a shitty #4, six people onboard. We got the speed off Mike Holt's Strava App he had running afterwards and we were pretty surprised. We were not far off the pace in TP 2017 and with
  10. Merlin is what we call a monomaran, it does not sail like any other “sled”. It cuts through the water and waves with such little resistance it is really special. After 41 years she is still a fast boat and we are making it even faster yet. #fastisfun
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