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  1. If you want to use oil analysis over time, it is a good thing to be disciplined with your sampling procedure. Do it the same way every time you pull the sample.
  2. I miss Lesbian Robot, and Lesbian Robot.
  3. The water temperatures North of Cape Cod, and more specifically the Gulf of Maine, are the reason I will not go sailing there without a liferaft.
  4. PPALU definitely my fave of all the Spronks I have seen. Lots of fun when Mr. Surprise was running her.
  5. happy birthday!!!

  6. The Canadians have decided to scuttle ferry service between Nova Scotia and Maine aboard The Cat ferry. Please help spread the word by signing the online petition, and joining the facebook group. Rescue the Cat ferry online petition The facebook group
  7. Thanks for your comment. Have a good one.

  8. How could you race for USM when it is quite apparent that you went to Beal College?
  9. Gee, driving from Portland to Bar Harbor in last night's monsoon really has me stoked for sailing! In the Grenadines.
  10. Dont mean to hijack, but show your support for the Maine recipe for seafood stuffing by voting here: Emerils Stuffing Recipe Competition
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