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  1. And the anchor roller looks like it would peel off if it hooked the mast of a passing snark.
  2. I know several people who could improve their eyesight simply by pulling their head out of their ass. Would surely cure their shitty outlook on life.
  3. This is a colossal human failure. Local companies use retired school busses and trailers to haul customers and equipment. Apparently the hitch slid out of the receiver and he drug the trailer by the safety chains long enough to grind the nut and 1 inch shank off the bottom of the ball before it finally gave up and separated from the hitch. Yes it was ground off by the dragging on the pavement, not a shear. I found the hitch about a half mile away from the bus, the ball was still in the coupler on the trailer, it was quite warm. Fortunately I had a spare hitch and hitch pin, after checking the
  4. Your old man sounds like he was a lot of fun to hang around with. I just wish more people shared his and your aversion to snow.
  5. My last head wound was pretty embarrassing. We were just getting ready to open a run for the season where I work part time. A fellow patroller said you should do a lap on 66 before we open it to the public. So of course I did. It was still early and I didn't fully have my legs under me, but I ripped it top to bottom in heavy powder slop shit. A couple turns from the bottom with my thighs were on fire, a couple customers looked up and one of them said hey check that out, so I tried to give them a show. Which I did, in uniform no less. As I tumbled forward ass over tea cup the tip of a ski
  6. If it has a current hydro don't worry about it. Here's a couple unrelated FD stories. Went to a structure fire out in a rural area, small outbuilding thing, it's going by the time we get there but not going to go anywhere. We lay a handline and start a casual attack when something inside let go, a massive ball of greenish smoke/fire consumed the two of us. Turns out the little building was the pump house for a community well system and inside was a cylinder of chlorine that was injected into the water supply. Chlorine is a great oxidizer! The tank didn't rupture, instead there's a fu
  7. D.M.D. you and Bump-n-Grind are keeping this thread from being a complete and total clusterfuck. Keep up the good work!
  8. My advice is to wait till spring then cruise the thrift stores and dumpsters around Aspen or Vail. Amazing the amount of gear purchased and briefly used by some people. After all you couldn't be seen in last years Gucci gold lame`.
  9. Pizza steel 2.0, this one 3/8" thick. Right now I'm working on a griddle that is 12x18x1/2 with 1" sides set at 46deg. Cooked on the gass grill at 500.
  10. He is a gem of a human being, worked on the assembly line building scouts. What you see is 1% of what he has. Stand by, I'll dig up some old photos of his parts buildings. Gotta finish a little job right now.
  11. Current bid just shy of 200K. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1978-ford-bronco-19/?utm_source=dm&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2021-07-03
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