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  1. It ain't over, not by a long shot. The last couple of big dumps extended a few resort seasons. Yesterday and today are warm bluebird days with very few people. Of course you need to be selective and follow the softening snow. Also some south facing runs are getting shut down early in the day due to wet slide potential. Fricking awesome spring season on tap for the next few weeks.
  2. Speaking of keeping us posted.... How goes it with the new boat?
  3. Yep I have something just like that now, works great in the camper and house. However space on a raft is even tighter then that of a sailboat!
  4. Next on my list of nice to have is some sort of coffee press mug. Any suggestions?
  5. I rarely go anyplace that requires stealth, tons of public land out and around here. For minimalism I use a tarp/bivy sack/thermarest/ultralight down bag. Cooking is mostly boiling water on a pocket rocket for coffee, oatmeal and such. Always room for a flask of good scotch. River trips are a different story all together. As much comfort and gastronomic joy that can be loaded on the boat. Having said that I'm hoping water and weather hold for a very remote float in bfe Idaho. That will be minimalist. Self supported kayak or shredder type craft. Trip report to follow if it
  6. OK one more, no time to start a new thread. Typical early spring pre run off day in the upper Arkansas valley. Caught a few and spen 45 minutes one good looking fish who who took a look and a swipe at some tiny bugs. Here is a typical brown in the river.
  7. With a saintly mix of poise, grace and patience. Oh, and a sandwich.
  8. Gross inattention to detail..........
  9. Yo Boothy, long time. WTF, its quarter to 5 in the morning in Mexico. You should be sleeping off a hangover.
  10. Or "I'm going to put you on ignore.........."
  11. At the risk of sending this down the political shitter, did anybody reading this really "need" this manufactured money?
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