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  1. Has the Yankee Dolphin been mentioned? This one is beautiful and has a trailer. https://au.yachtworld.com/boats/1968/yankee-dolphin-sloop-2846625/
  2. Another broken dream with an unrealistic attempt to sell. https://www.sailboatlistings.com/view/88889
  3. Denver voters overturn pit bull ban. They're coming back to the mile high city. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna1246709
  4. Just a topic for discussion. While doing a random search I ran across a guy selling a trailer, in the photo was a cool looking boat I did not recognize. So I asked what it was, a Gilbert 30+. Well that sent me down a rabbit hole. Link to info and history Apparently Mr Gilbert worked for C&C then ventured out on his own, only about 9 of these were made, finding one on the used market is not likely. It has an interesting under deck routing for most of the control lines, I wonder how that works.
  5. I'd be all over that, if it wasn't for the 20 hour drive.
  6. Removing soot from the glass. My fireplace soots up pretty bad. I try to run a good hot fire but it still does. Anyway the way I remove it is to take a piece of newspaper, dampen it then dip it in ash. That makes a paste that is really effective at removing the soot. Any other quick easy ways to clean the fireplace glass?
  7. Works both ways, never go down a rope you're not prepared to climb back up.
  8. Yep. What boggles my mind is following someone up a mountain road and seeing the brake lights come on.
  9. I've been experimenting with my new 10inch aluminum dutch oven, working up meals for river trips. Cooking on coals here at home just like we would on a trip. Did the huckleberry cobbler awhile ago. Just took lasagne off the coals. It's resting now but certain it will suffice.
  10. And those are made right here in Colorado.
  11. This guy is steadily dropping his price, still pretty expensive. Mom and dad could spend a night out! https://denver.craigslist.org/boa/d/dillon-2006-seaward-26rk/7199638436.html And this is in San Diego https://sailingtexas.com/202001/smontgomery17167.html
  12. Just out of curiosity, if you found a suitable boat on a trailer, within a reasonable distance, do you have the capability to haul it home? If you found one in Colorado I'd haul it out for a couple daysails and fuel. Would love to escape the cold.
  13. Adam Schelsinger wrote this, he died from covid complications at 52 years old back in April. To honor his work I'm going to watch Rachel strut around a little.
  14. Sale pending, that didn't take long. Must be a nice boat.
  15. That's what I'm talking about!!! What is it?
  16. Cape Dory 25 on a trailer. This is beautiful. https://seattle.craigslist.org/est/boa/d/wenatchee-1972-cape-dory-25-hull-5-with/7220254228.html
  17. bmiller


    You guys could fuck up a train wreck.
  18. The shuttles I'm referring to are moving your personal vehicle from A to B. Not moving people.
  19. Wrong side of the continent but I think this would be great for an older couple. https://www.sailboatlistings.com/view/88687
  20. When I finally sold my suby it had over 300K miles. Original clutch that was still solid. My Dodge 2500 developed a shake at 170K, felt like it needed an injector job. Which it did but that didn't remedy the shake. Mechanic said it must be in the clutch or flywheel. Thats a big heavy job so I had him do it. Turns out the factory clutch had some wonky bearing issue causing it to wobble. But the surface was in great shape, even after hauling big heavy shit all around the country.
  21. Here ya go. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1965-international-harvester-scout-80-6/
  22. Not CL but I like the honesty of the second paragraph in the description. https://au.yachtworld.com/boats/1975/hallberg-rassy-31-3567470/
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