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  1. Or a hermit named Dave?
  2. My experience has been more around 90% positive. Maybe that's because I only sell stuff worth buying at a reasonable cost.
  3. Turns out it was 2 feet! Had to wait for the second week of March for a sensational day of skiing but it was worth the wait. Early spring break crowds but they were contained.
  4. You mean pi day? Hell yes it is.
  5. Models are all over the place, which is normal. Could get 2 feet, could get 2 inches, nobody really knows. Here's my prediction, Denver news stations will be in a frenzy trying to out hype each other. Local officials will go overboard in an attempt to appear proactive. There's a news video of some apartment manager warning residents about freezing pipes, even though temps will be very mild. Idiots will be idiots regardless. Thankfully up here in my area its a bit more measured of a response.
  6. linky thingy ebay Just a little mold.......
  7. Boathouse tiki bar and grill, Ft Myers
  8. Sadly he died a few years after finally launching the boat.
  9. This man wasn't a professional welder, but he got it right. http://www.sv-restless.com/index.html
  10. bmiller


    You're good, just don't use nicknames like "Minnesota Fats" or "Waled Black Mamba Majid" That's just mean or maybe culturally appropriated.
  11. Meh, change for the sake of change. I don't like it.
  12. Anybody else skiing? Been a bizzare snow season out here. Not much snow but what is on the ground has been subject to some weird weather creating a brittle snow pack. 11 backcountry avalanche deaths so far this year. On a lighter note Sunday was wonderful, warmish and sunny, minimal crowds, smiles all around.
  13. After you get the boat start a thread about which anchor is best suited for your yet to be determined use and locale.
  14. Get on the list now for a shot at next season. It's not terribly long. There's two marinas on the reservoir, mine is on the frisco side, the other is at Dillon. I think Dillon takes longer. https://www.townoffrisco.com/play/frisco-bay-marina/general-info/ https://www.townofdillon.com/marina
  15. 75 today Post your favorite.
  16. Well I gave up on the phone tag, not sure why he hasn't called back. In the meantime I found a few other 7.3's with outboards, one with a trailer. So on it goes.
  17. Life was so much simpler and enjoyable before the the internet. A way of life forever lost on humanity.
  18. I like that, however the 7.3 is my current top choice. The owner and I are playing phone tag right now. If we connect and it sounds decent I will head out for OH Monday morning. Kicking myself for not moving faster on the Laser, it was literally in my backyard. Living in fly over land makes boat shopping difficult. Especially mid winter when most sane people have their boats stored away.
  19. I'm thinking Roy Underhill and The Woodwrights Shop.
  20. Points for ingenuity. https://denver.craigslist.org/boa/d/denver-coronado-capri-15-custom-hull/7284333825.html
  21. That is a great boat, but it is on the small side.
  22. Did you get a chance to check out the Frisco side? That's where we kept boats. It was a pretty small "marina" back then, the last two years they've dumped a ton of capital into it with more planned.
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