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  1. I would really like a 60, but it's insane what they go for. There's a 55 down in Denver that looks nice. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1979-toyota-fj55/
  2. I'm not mocking the boat, just a question about the custom placement of the second set of primaries. Kind of a specialized idea, probably not for everyone. Really limits movement around the helm. I can't embed the full size photo, go to the ad and see the cockpit photo. https://www.sailboatlistings.com/view/89209
  3. News media, Dumber Then Shit
  4. It's a long walk from CT to CA, but I guess he had nothing else to do. And it's a lot warmer out at Dorado's house.
  5. I'm shopping now for my first ever trail camera, looking for advice. The environment it will be used in will be cold, sometimes really cold. I imagine battery performance will be an issue, especially with rechargeables. I'm looking for basic, certainly nothing linked to a phone or anything like that. Budgeting less then 200. Security isn't an issue. What should I look at, what should I avoid. Oh and my target is a large herd of elk that primarily moves around at night, frustrating the hell out of me. Might as well get some photos if I don't drop one this year.
  6. I'd like to see a flash dance scene. Electrocute the scary bastards.
  7. You guys need to do something else. Go out for a walk, this shit slinging ain't healthy.
  8. Took my 16 y/o grandson today. Only chance I have of wearing him out is on snow.
  9. Nice looking countryside. Where abouts are you?
  10. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1966-toyota-land-cruiser-fj45-7/?utm_source=dm&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2021-01-01
  11. Winter has had its icy grip on my area for awhile. Yesterday just a few miles away at Antero reservoir it was -50f. My town was warmer, just 5 below. Yeah I'm over it.
  12. The same can be said for countless other disease processes. A quick look finds 1,800 children die every year from cancer, so far this year about 100 children have died from covid. And just to be clear I'm not diminishing the effect covid is having on peoples lives. It's real
  13. The tower is not manned all the time.
  14. Agree nothing new, Two Elks was definitely ELF. But anybody could scribble anything on a vandalized site. It just seems to be ratcheting up with the Nashville bomb and the white supremacists wanting to take down electrical grids. And you have to wonder about the "major fight" with the fossil fuel industry. Kind of hypocritical to have an airport full of private jets bringing your target audience in. Side story, several years ago I was sitting at the kitchen table when the roar of a larger then usual jet leaving our small airport got my attention, then a private 737 flew by. Bi
  15. From scratch baked macaroni and cheese is a joy, although a little messy and time consuming to build. Last night I made two cheese (gruyere and sharp cheddar) and left Xmas over ham, the bechemal was 2 parts half/half and 1 part whole milk. Something like 700 calories per serving, not for the faint of heart. Pan roasted brussels sprouts on the side. Possibly the best mac and cheese I've ever made.
  16. The people who did this probably thought they were really sticking it to the rich guy. Unfortunately the people most affected are the working class residents. A small percentage will hop on their jet and head to Scottsdale, telling the caretaker to call when it's back to normal.
  17. Over the weekend a natural gas pump station serving Aspen was vandalized causing 3500 customers to lose service. https://www.aspentimes.com/news/investigation-continues-into-aspen-area-natural-gas-outage-which-could-last-into-tuesday/ Public utilities are ripe for the picking of homeland terrorists. Is this the next shitstorm to deal with in 2021?
  18. What about a dollars worth of gasoline? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Happy_Land_fire Terror doesn't need to be expensive or complicated.
  19. Georgetown. Nothing better to do in that gawd forsaken town. I agree, it's fun. Used to take my moms mercury station wagon land yacht to the mall parking lot. Of course all the naysayers would consider it cool if it was a chained up F1 car. (skip the first 2:15 or so) Or Ken Block
  20. Merry Christmas, thanks for the nautical photos.
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