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  1. On 3/3/2021 at 2:18 PM, BayRacer said:

    Not going to criticize, boat buying is part objective, part emotional.  Good luck with the trip.  Had a friend who had an O'day (25?) that had the OMC engine.  Parts were difficult at best to source. 

    It worked until it didn't, and replaced with outboard.  Forget exact details, but somehow ended up with gas in the bilge as last straw.  Not a comfortable feeling.  Personally, I wouldn't get a sailboat with a gas engine other than an outboard, but I realize that is my subjective bias and there are plenty of gasoline boats that never have a problem.


    Well I gave up on the phone tag, not sure why he hasn't called back.

    In the meantime I found a few other 7.3's with outboards, one with a trailer. So on it goes.

  2. 6 hours ago, Mid said:

    The internet turns 52 this year with no grey hairs in sight.


    As of November 2020, there were 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide – almost 59 percent of the global population.  Ask any of them what life would be like without the net and the answer will likely be either ‘unimaginable’ or ‘very, very boring’. We think both apply.

    Life was so much simpler and enjoyable before the the internet. A way of life forever lost on humanity.

  3. 32 minutes ago, Crash said:

    How about the bigger 7.9?  Its 26 feet...;)

    I like that, however the 7.3 is my current top choice. The owner and I are playing phone tag right now. If we connect and it sounds decent I will head out for OH Monday morning.

    Kicking myself for not moving faster on the Laser, it was literally in my backyard.

    Living in fly over land makes boat shopping difficult. Especially mid winter when most sane people have their boats stored away.

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  4. 4 hours ago, Diarmuid said:

    Ensign is good on small lakes. Also any of the smaller Cape Dorys, from the Typhoon to the 25. They usually come on their own trailers, too. :) Conservative, forgiving, social cockpit seating, big enuf below for one or two to overnight.


    A Cape Dory 25 with a trailer in what appeared to be great condition showed on CL yesterday,  gone in 24 hours.

  5. 1 hour ago, Sail4beer said:

    I know a guy who moved to Lake Dillon and bought an Ensign. He daysailed it in whatever conditions came up. There’s enough room to camp overnight if you have to, but it’s too close to home for any need to overnight. 

    Overnight on the boat is always good, even if it is only an hour away.

    Thing about Dillon is you can count on conditions coming up, no matter the forecast. Then suddenly they go away.

  6. On 2/26/2021 at 11:14 AM, Point Break said:


    BTW - try the skid pan in a 50,000 pound fire engine!! That is an impressive ride..............

    Spent most of my career as an engineer. Station 3 was on a corner, a large pct of calls were left out of house left on a main street. Icy snowy roads were great for putting the engine into a "controlled" slide as we headed north. Mind you always well into the night and well before any traction control bs. My officer at the time didn't find it as cool as I did.

  7. 2 hours ago, Ishmael said:

    It is definitely a lower-priced option. However, the terminal cases seem to congregate closer to Brentwood Bay.


    The boats on the left side of the pic are real scumbuckets, the lost souls living on engineless 25-foot powerboats and ferro sailboats with no mast. The closer to the marina you get, the better the boats look. This image is from 2016, and many more of these boats moved in over the last couple of years as other municipalities found ways to move them out. That water at the bottom leads to Tod Inlet and Butchart Gardens so you have to run the gauntlet of 0-knot shitboxes to get to the anchorage.

    How do they get there? It's been 10 or so years since I was there, did I miss them or is this a new situation?

  8. 12 minutes ago, BayRacer said:

    Some will probably roll their eyes about it being mentioned again, (though I don't think it comes up frequently in Cruising forum), but you can get a decent S2 7.9 with trailer and outboard for 15K.  Trailerable, though technically overwidth.  But we have gone from WI to Nashville and across the Canadian border for racing with no questions from law enforcement.  Some move theirs from Midwest to "southern" circuit (pre-COVID). 

    There are videos/guides floating around about raising/lowering mast short-handed with winches, spinnaker pole and appropriate lines/blocks.  If you only have to do it spring and fall, you can probably round up a few friends and get it all rigged/derigged and tied down in an hour or so.  Has a ballasted daggerboard that goes to winch.  I have seen a couple that actually had electric winches added.  If not hardcore racing, no need to bring it up at all except to help keep it clean and to get it on trailer.  Might want it down on a mooring to minimize swinging back and forth.

    Easily single handed if you stick to #3 headsail or put a furler on it.  They are older now, so all the caveats about due diligence for core issues.

    Here's one.

    What is it like down below as far as headroom and creature comforts?

    I think it's very interesting.

  9. 12 minutes ago, Diarmuid said:

    Are Dillon and nearby mountain lakes your primary venues for this boat? Does that influence some other criteria? Our first sailboat was a Chrysler Buccaneer 18 dinghy, sort of an unballasted version of the Flying Scot. Which was definitely fun and ghosted along in the slightest breeze. But freeboard was minimal, and singlehanded (or even two up) in a typical 60mph mountain wind event -- which occur daily on Dillon, Granby, etc, as you know well -- the Bucc simply was not survivable. I spent some unpleasant half hours in 50°F water waiting for the wind to abate enuf I could right and empty the dinghy. We bought a SJ21, which can still be a handful in the stink but at least is drier and gives you a chance at keeping the pointy thing upright.

    Water ballast is cool for towing and launching;  WB boat like the Hunters is going to be initially tender, tho.

    Yes, Dillon will be the primary place to sail. Very aware of the "unique" winds and frigid water.

    Got my ass kicked one day at twin lakes, sailing an O'Day 19 on a bluebird day that suddenly turned to shit. 

    Not interested in water ballasted boats.

  10. Been on a wait list for a mooring on Dillon, got the call, I'm up. Have had a couple other boats there in the past, it's a great place to spend the summer.

    Now I need to find a boat!

    The last few years I've been all over the place in regards to what I can actually do sailing. The most sensible and affordable is a small boat moored close to home that spends it's off season on a trailer right here.


    Day sailing with occasional overnights, no racing, lots of single handing

    No major projects, 

    Draft is not an issue so fin keel preferred over swing or centerboard, not an absolute. Beam not an issue either, only have to get it here, will plead ignorance if contacted by law enforcement

    Max length of 28, has a trailer, but I could get one for the right boat

    Budget is variable depending on the boat but 15K is about the top end

    Willing to travel just about anywhere for the right boat, except Florida, there be monsters.

    Couple possibilities below. not crazy about the OMC inboard but if the owner is correct about the condition it's not a deal breaker. again not crazy about the bukh inboard

    Lots of Catalina 25s around, a good one would definitely suffice.

    This one is nearby but sure could use some fairing on the keel

    Or this in New Mexico swing keel not a deal breaker


    Fire up your googlefoo and help me find a boat!




  11. 2 hours ago, Point Break said:

    From pictures, the passenger compartment doesn’t look so bad. What we can’t tell is the intrusion from the front/engine etc. that part of the car looks like it could have caused some intrusion/dash collapse. Can’t tell. A tib/fib comminuted open fracture kinda indicates a torsional or crushing injury. The extrication doesn’t look complicated, peeled the windshield to take him out is all I saw. I’ll be mildly interested to see if they also had to free up the leg before taking him out. The news talked about the “jaws of life” (very dramatic name that always makes me smile) and you don’t need that to peel a windshield. The only interview I’ve seen is the PR hound cop who heroically sat and talked with him to “keep him from going into shock” (never mind thats bullshit). Typical cops.......”thanks for standing around now could you get out of the way please”. 

    I don't think a single cop or news talking head knows what "shock" is or how idiotic they sound when mentioning it.

    Another one that rubs me wrong is the use of "accident" to describe any crash. For what it's worth in my 30 year career I responded to my share or crashes, not on of them was an "accident". All were a direct result of a drivers action or failure to act. Usually speed or inattention was the culprit. Or blame it on the vehicle, "the car went out of control" or "the car slid on the ice".


    rant over

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  12. 1 hour ago, Innocent Bystander said:

    Pellet smokers and grills serve different purposes. I’m pretty happy having both as some things don’t need or want “smoke.”  You may feel differently. 


    I have a weber, a gas grill and a traeger. Different tools for different jobs. You're not going to effectively grill a steak on a traeger or smoke a butt on the gas grill. Webers are great but sometimes pushing a button to start a fire is nice.

    For what it does I really like the traeger.