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  1. I was fortunate to meet and spend a few days with IB a couple years ago. Truly a brilliant and remarkable person. Not only is he cherished here but civilization needs more people like him Get well soon.
  2. When my very blue collar dad was teaching me how to drive he took us in the truck to a big sloppy muddy field and drove it around until he got it good and stuck. He then told me to to get it unstuck. Another similar blue collar guy drives up and offers to help out. Dad said nope he's learning to get it done on his own. The other smiled and said good, then drove off. I got it out. Learned a lot about self sufficiency and work effort from that man. Thanks dad.
  3. If el m checks this thread this one should get his motor running. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1966-international-harvester-scout-800-8/
  4. Is the woman in the story a blonde? The blonde sees a sign at a service station "Clean restrooms" So she did.
  5. This mediocre season was kind of sort of salvaged by the last few storm cycles. Looking at the 10 Mile range. And one of my happy places, Spaulding bowl. If you look hard enough my fresh turns are visible.
  6. Is the soggy peso still there? My boat (that I foolishly sold) at anchor.
  7. I've done this, its not bad. Nothing wrong with experimenting. Few things in life are more subjective then taste in food. JJ's in San Carlos, walked in with some friends for lunch. JJ hollered out "Hola, I meesed you, I meesed your money. Come in and eat." I hope he's still there and doing well.
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    Carry on, but I doubt anybody reading this thread cares that you find blond jokes offensive.
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    For fuck sake ed chill out. You could replace every single ethnic/gender/religion/regional joke ever created with "middle aged white guy" and I doubt anybody would give flying fuck. Give it a shot, I'll laugh, promise.
  10. Putting all the name calling and shit slinging aside............instead of a passport why not just wear a big scarlet letter V on your chest? You know, something original.
  11. I called progressive, she was very helpful and quoted 100 bucks for a year of liability. Waiting for a response from my Allstate homeowners policy broker. No rush, can't launch until May 15 anyway.
  12. I just picked up an old Catalina 22 as a place holder so as not to lose a mooring I just got. Hoping for something better in the future. Anyway, Geico will not insure anything over 40 years old, this one most certainly is. Where should I look for liability insurance only for an older boat?
  13. Congratulations, thanks for taking us along for the ride.
  14. It ain't over, not by a long shot. The last couple of big dumps extended a few resort seasons. Yesterday and today are warm bluebird days with very few people. Of course you need to be selective and follow the softening snow. Also some south facing runs are getting shut down early in the day due to wet slide potential. Fricking awesome spring season on tap for the next few weeks.
  15. Speaking of keeping us posted.... How goes it with the new boat?
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