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  1. 1 minute ago, bmiller said:

    I called progressive, she was very helpful and quoted 100 bucks for a year of liability. After dealing with geico they may get more of my business.

    Waiting for a response from my Allstate homeowners policy broker. 

    No rush, can't launch until May 15 anyway.

    oops, double post/edit.

  2. 9 hours ago, SeattleEngineer said:

    I have Progressive for my 1972 Ranger 29, they have been great to work with.  I only have liability for that boat though, since if it were to sink it would probably save me money.

    I called progressive, she was very helpful and quoted 100 bucks for a year of liability. 

    Waiting for a response from my Allstate homeowners policy broker. 

    No rush, can't launch until May 15 anyway.

  3. I just picked up an old Catalina 22 as a place holder so as not to lose a mooring I just got. Hoping for something better in the future.

    Anyway, Geico will not insure anything over 40 years old, this one most certainly is.

    Where should I look for liability insurance only for an older boat?


  4. It ain't over, not by a long shot. The last couple of big dumps extended a few resort seasons.

    Yesterday and today are warm bluebird days with very few people. Of course you need to be selective and follow the softening snow. Also some south facing runs are getting shut down early in the day due to wet slide potential. 

    Fricking awesome spring season on tap for the next few weeks.

  5. 16 hours ago, Mrleft8 said:

    I've only successfully done this once, out of about 15 tries. It seems to me, that a long (and I mean days) soak in brine, or pickling brine, and then a long slow super slow smoke is the key. I've never used a propane smoker, only straight charcoal/wood, so I can't help you on that, but I aimed to keep the smoker at 200f (+-) for about 6 hours, with lots of moisture. I used apple cider cut with water, and after 4 hours I wrapped the brisket in foil and sort of let it steam in it's own moisture after it had got it's char bark on the outside.

    You made pastrami.

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  6. 42 minutes ago, Point Break said:

    Been very happy with this one. If its just a single cup press, I have not had one of those. I like this because it keeps the second cup and toppers hot for quite a while.


    Yep I have something just like that now, works great in the camper and house. However space on a raft is even tighter then that of a sailboat!

  7. I rarely go anyplace that requires stealth, tons of public land out and around here.

    For minimalism I use a tarp/bivy sack/thermarest/ultralight down bag. Cooking is mostly boiling water on a pocket rocket for coffee, oatmeal and such. 

    Always room for a flask of good scotch.

    River trips are a different story all together. As much comfort and gastronomic joy that can be loaded on the boat. 

    Having said that I'm hoping water and weather hold for a very remote float in bfe Idaho. That will be minimalist. Self supported kayak or shredder type craft. Trip report to follow if it goes.

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  8. 2 hours ago, El Mariachi said:

    I've had a few different types in my half century-plus years of camping in 28 states, 7 countries and 2 continents. Just depends.....on wtf I'm going. And why. And for how long. And who with......


    (Literally yesterday morning in northern Baja at sunrise. Sandwich shit, instant coffee, booze & beers, Mary Anne & Ginger....and no one around at a semi secluded beach that I've been visiting since 1972. 




    I absolutely need to get down there. 

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  9. OK one more, no time to start a new thread.

    Typical early spring pre run off day in the upper Arkansas valley.

    Caught a few and spen 45 minutes one good looking fish who who took a look and a swipe at some tiny bugs.

    Here is a typical brown in the river.




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  10. 11 minutes ago, El Mariachi said:

    Not sure if I've ever mentioned this before, but if you ever stumble across some Alder wood chips.....or even cut off pieces of it......grab them and give 'em a test flight in your smokers or grills. Quite literally the best smelling wood I've ever used in 50 years of burning shit.....

    Yo Boothy, long time.

    WTF, its quarter to 5 in the morning in Mexico. You should be sleeping off a hangover.

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  11. 4 minutes ago, eric1207 said:

    Boat name is Look Far from Vashon.  That sounds familiar to this Seattlelite.  Vashon Island is, of course, a common port around here.  They Look Far from home. 

    I have no experience with un-grounding.  I'd be afraid and very resistant to being towed off with only a line to the mast.  Is that really a thing, are rigging and extrusion that strong?

    OTOH sailboats pass under low bridges by hanging weight (water jerry jugs in a spinnaker bag?) off the main halyard to heel 'er over.  Thats what I'd try, in conjunction with a bow tow.  In those choppy conditions I'd pre-tie "sheets" to the weight & lead them fore and aft to keep the weight from swinging around.  Last step is hoist the weight (only as high as needed to achieve the required heel angle).  You'd pay out one (or two) sheets as you hoist to get the desired 3 point stability of the weight.  Now the towboat can tension bow line.  

    I like the idea of hoisting the main to heel and spin the boat and have a means of propulsion once refloated.  Though a swinging, loaded boom may complicate matters more than help.

    I also note considerable white smoke/steam from the exhaust.  I'd guess that's a hot, water-starved engine, ie raw water intake sucking air,  Hopefully he's not going to cook it.



    Like this!


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  12. On 3/23/2021 at 6:41 PM, Bus Driver said:

    The only thing I see as a true "Modern Muscle Car" is the Dodge Hellcat - especially the Demon.  Absurd power and light (does not come standard with any seat other than one for the driver) results in a sub-10 second quarter mile.

    Dodge Hellcat vs Dodge Demon: Costs, Facts, And Performance Overview

    This happened a couple years ago at our little regional airport. Car landed about 650 feet beyond the airstrip.



  13. I  was in line inside a gas station in cedar city Utah. The woman ahead of me had on a ragged t-shirt, baggy shorts and flip flops.  She accessorized via a bag of urine strapped to her ankle and a tube running back up into her shorts. Now that's classy.


  14. Well crap, thought I found "the boat". Left colorado yesterday morning, slept in the desert outside Las Vegas, made it to check out the trailer at the owners house in Hesperia. It needs work, not insurmountable but work, at the very least to get it home. Went to see the boat in Wilmington, what a miserablele trip. It needs work, a lot but again not insurmountable. Not at all as described by the owner. Between both needing work and the distance between the trailer and boat I wrote it off as a long drive to watch the sunset over the pacific. Phuk. 

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