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  1. When my very blue collar dad was teaching me how to drive he took us in the truck to a big sloppy muddy field and drove it around until he got it good and stuck. He then told me to to get it unstuck. 

    Another similar blue collar guy drives up and offers to help out. Dad said nope he's learning to get it done on his own. The other smiled and said good, then drove off.

    I got it out.

    Learned a lot about self sufficiency and work effort from that man. Thanks dad.

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  2. This mediocre season was kind of sort of salvaged by the last few storm cycles.

    Looking at the 10 Mile range.



    And one of my happy places, Spaulding bowl. If you look hard enough my fresh turns are visible.


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  3. 6 hours ago, Ed Lada said:

    See, that's the whole point.  They aren't middle aged white guy jokes.  White guys run the world.  That's why there aren't many middle aged white guy jokes.  

    Stereotype jokes are very common.  They are so common that over time the stereotypes have a negative impact on the object of the joke.  It's insidious and it's harmful.  Just because it's been happening since the first joke was told doesn't make it right. 

    Y'all are welcome to keep on telling these jokes and I  can criticize it if I like.  It's like tilting at windmills but if everybody tolerates these jokes the damage will continue.  If I can get one person to think before they tell one of these jokes, then it's a step in the right direction.

    If people do nothing, then things will just get worse.  The world is already a pretty fucked up place.  I can't control very much outside of my own little life, but at least I can do something.  

    I am calling out people for perpetuating a harmful stereotype.  People are calling me out for calling them out.  I see a big difference there, if others don't I can't help that.

    Dip me in rainbows and call me snowflake, but I will keep on fighting.  


    Carry on, but I doubt anybody reading this thread cares that you find blond jokes offensive.

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  4. 8 hours ago, Ed Lada said:

    Fuck off Bumpy.  You don't like my comments, shut the fuck up and move along.

    I am discussing an issue that affects a large amount of people.  Your displeasure with my comment affects nobody but you. 

    I'll bet you whine when people quote people that you have on ignore too.  HTFU.

    For fuck sake ed chill out.

    You could replace every single ethnic/gender/religion/regional joke ever created with "middle aged white guy" and I doubt anybody would give flying fuck. Give it a shot, I'll laugh, promise.

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  5. 1 minute ago, bmiller said:

    I called progressive, she was very helpful and quoted 100 bucks for a year of liability. After dealing with geico they may get more of my business.

    Waiting for a response from my Allstate homeowners policy broker. 

    No rush, can't launch until May 15 anyway.

    oops, double post/edit.

  6. 9 hours ago, SeattleEngineer said:

    I have Progressive for my 1972 Ranger 29, they have been great to work with.  I only have liability for that boat though, since if it were to sink it would probably save me money.

    I called progressive, she was very helpful and quoted 100 bucks for a year of liability. 

    Waiting for a response from my Allstate homeowners policy broker. 

    No rush, can't launch until May 15 anyway.

  7. I just picked up an old Catalina 22 as a place holder so as not to lose a mooring I just got. Hoping for something better in the future.

    Anyway, Geico will not insure anything over 40 years old, this one most certainly is.

    Where should I look for liability insurance only for an older boat?


  8. It ain't over, not by a long shot. The last couple of big dumps extended a few resort seasons.

    Yesterday and today are warm bluebird days with very few people. Of course you need to be selective and follow the softening snow. Also some south facing runs are getting shut down early in the day due to wet slide potential. 

    Fricking awesome spring season on tap for the next few weeks.

  9. 16 hours ago, Mrleft8 said:

    I've only successfully done this once, out of about 15 tries. It seems to me, that a long (and I mean days) soak in brine, or pickling brine, and then a long slow super slow smoke is the key. I've never used a propane smoker, only straight charcoal/wood, so I can't help you on that, but I aimed to keep the smoker at 200f (+-) for about 6 hours, with lots of moisture. I used apple cider cut with water, and after 4 hours I wrapped the brisket in foil and sort of let it steam in it's own moisture after it had got it's char bark on the outside.

    You made pastrami.

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  10. 42 minutes ago, Point Break said:

    Been very happy with this one. If its just a single cup press, I have not had one of those. I like this because it keeps the second cup and toppers hot for quite a while.


    Yep I have something just like that now, works great in the camper and house. However space on a raft is even tighter then that of a sailboat!

  11. I rarely go anyplace that requires stealth, tons of public land out and around here.

    For minimalism I use a tarp/bivy sack/thermarest/ultralight down bag. Cooking is mostly boiling water on a pocket rocket for coffee, oatmeal and such. 

    Always room for a flask of good scotch.

    River trips are a different story all together. As much comfort and gastronomic joy that can be loaded on the boat. 

    Having said that I'm hoping water and weather hold for a very remote float in bfe Idaho. That will be minimalist. Self supported kayak or shredder type craft. Trip report to follow if it goes.

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