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  1. I've got a 2nd gen 4Runner, they do well off road but are dogs on the highway, so that would suck for your 4-5 hour approach. I'm selling it to fund the next boat.

    Honestly there's few places I haven't been able to access in a Subaru Outback. Keep good rubber on them and you'd be surprised.

    And the whole "overland" marketing scheme is nauseating. Posers come up here all the time with tricked out SUV's just to find my suby already at the trailhead.

    I'd guess that 90pct of the Defender, Land Rover, land Cruisers, luxury SUV's sold today never venture off road. In practical terms they could be replaced with a mini van.


    Where do you live? Let us find it for you on CL!

  2. 19 hours ago, socalrider said:

    All packed up and ready to go.  Should arrive on Thursday!


    Impressive job prepping the boat for a road trip. I like the custom built cradle carrying the mast, fits nicely around the jib boom.


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  3. 13 hours ago, socalrider said:

    Exactly - and the price was good enough that we'll still be in good shape even if there are a few surprises.  

    Me too!  I'll certainly take some pics once we're up and running.  Still have to get her here, re-rigged, deal with the trailer, etc. etc...  But the parents are very excited.  Even though it's 10x the price of an older plastic boat, she's beautiful, and should be easier for them to manage.  She's small and straightforward enough that my daughters should be able to take them out sailing as well once they've got her figured out.  

    Edit: checking back to my original post 6 pages ago the A28 was the first serious candidate I mentioned.  Thanks all for the input - this is a great thread.  

    Congratulations. Beautiful boat.

    Is it a done deal?

  4. 1 hour ago, thinwater said:

    There arn't many add videos, but...

    Since a Danforth 12 pound has demonstrated more than 10 times the holding power of a 2.5-pound Mantus, clearly the test is rigged to demonstrate only one thing; anchor engagement on a hard sand beach, which has nothing to do with reality. Find a softer beach, different results.  I was doing a test using a 2-pound Guardian the other day, and I'm quite sure a 4x4 would not have moved it.

    There is nothing wrong with puffing in an add. Fortress did the same thing, testing anchors in soft mud, which really favors Fortress (they outperfomed Mantus on a weight basis by about 25 times that time, I recall). But don't believe anything you see in any company's add. That's a safe starting point.

    Owner comments and third party testing, fine, and Mantus does have some serious strengths. Good anchor, I've tested and used one a bunch, and I might well buy another. Google "anchor Test" to find stuff not on forums. Don't just rely on video ads.

    Its just a fun ad. 

  5. 10 hours ago, py26129 said:

    Mantus are good people.  Their connection to the sailing community is real and their stuff works.  I'm a satisfied customer 

    I'm not anchor shopping but checked out their site for the heck of it.

    This is the best ad video I've seen.


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  6. On 1/20/2021 at 9:35 PM, socalrider said:

    I used a WeBoost cell booster all summer with a trucker style antenna mounted atop my Bimini or on our van’s roof rack. It added 2 bars pretty reliably. If there’s no signal, it can’t boost it. But it allowed me to work remotely (or at least check in) throughout most of the Olympic National Forest and the backside of Catalina Island. 

    edit: this is the one I think https://www.amazon.com/weBoost-471410-Signal-Booster-Motorhome/dp/B07TYGJ9TV/ref=mp_s_a_1_9?dchild=1&keywords=weboost+cell+phone+booster&qid=1611203771&sprefix=weboos&sr=8-9

    Aha, I've seen those on the never ending parade of sprinter van campers. Now I know what they are. SA is useful!

  7. 18 hours ago, Cruisin Loser said:

    Taos has gotten another 2' since I left Sunday. Flange up some work and play at a blues jam tomorrow and I'm headed back Thursday. 

    Things are getting better around here also. Just in time, I'm headed someplace warm and salty for two weeks.

  8. 27 minutes ago, Cruisin Loser said:

    Yesterday was good. Today was great. The thing I like most is the quiet and solitude in the steeps and trees. So few people. 

    Thats crazy dangerous shit, you could poke your eye out!

    If I wasn't leaving for Ft Myers I'd be right there trying to follow you.

  9. Yesterday I spent the warm part of the day on the Arkansas, caught a nice brown right away. Wading up along the bank occasionally walking across the ice shelf, fish scurry out from under the shelf, they're tough to cast to. Went into Salida for coffee and a muffin, more fishing on the way back north but no more fish. Wading is normally tricky but doubly so when everything is covered in ice/snow.

    Never saw another fisherman, it was a good day.

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  10. 54 minutes ago, toddster said:

    Both those and the "economy" version posted by Chester are made by Growlerwerks in Portland.  

    Dang, now I'm tempted again.  There are literally four breweries within walking distance of my marina.  And there wouldn't be any empties to dispose of.  It's just that sailing alone, I really don't drink that much beer.  

    Well that was a fun rabbit hole.

    My only concern would be foamy pours. And it looks like you need a fresh cartridge every use, or can they be used for a couple refills? Especially if you use the lowest pressure.

    You shouldnt concern yourself with drinking that much beer, the 64 is only 4 pints. A man has to stay hydrated. 

    Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. (Attributed to Ben but he didn't actually say it)


  11. 4 hours ago, toddster said:

    Yes. I have been thinking that one of these high-tech growlers might make a nice christmas present for the boat galley, but so far nobody has taken the hint.



    ... or is that getting too close to wine aerator territory?

    Those look really cool, I don't give a shit what anybody thinks about my beer drinking accessories.  Who makes them?

  12. 9 hours ago, MikeHunt said:

    Doing some experimenting today with veggies in the smoker.  In here we've got two varieties of eggplant, bell peppers in three colours, carrot, tomato, potato and sweet potato, corn, onions and garlic.  I did a couple of cobs of corn for stripping - and served it up in sour cream with chili flakes and sliced chili.  Didn't look as good as it tasted.

    00smoked veggies big.jpg

    I haven't seen much written of pork soft ribs in the US - they're proving popular here because they have significantly more meat on them than the way we get spare ribs here


    New batch of beans 'n bacon today.  Needs some pulled pork.



    What is a soft rib?

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