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  1. It's RED, that's all you need to know: http://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/boa/4585527566.html
  2. Not mocking the original ad, rather the follow ups Original ad: http://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/boa/4585727932.html It does seem a bit pricey Follow up ads: http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/boa/4586308079.html http://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/boa/4586268578.html
  3. Saw this ad and thought about it for just a little bit: http://www.sailboatlistings.com/photographs/44222 https://picasaweb.google.com/107455762074045987341/Luders212014# Nice ass, minus the outboard:
  4. I have no clue what to make of this ad: http://orangecounty.craigslist.org/boa/4521565205.html
  5. I think this is cool, lots of lakes out here are non motorized or electric motors only. So this guy made some mods. http://denver.craigslist.org/boa/4504927973.html 1961 Luger Sierra 16 foot runabout. Currently set up as an electric only (the 1961 Mercury motor shown is empty, non functional, and used only as a good looking mount for the electric motor). The boat is rated for up to an 80hp motor. If you like the boat but prefer a gas motor, I can keep the electric motor and batteries and we can negotiate a price for the boat and trailer only and you can s
  6. Yes, juste licke that! I love wiches!! Witches with bridges!!!
  7. My favorite Dolly Parton quote: " It costs a lot of money to look this cheap"
  8. Not a boat, but certainly mock worthy: SCRAPPERS DELIGHT- OLD SLIDE IN/POP UP CAMPER. FREE FOR THE REMOVAL OF IT FROM PROPERTY. http://denver.craigslist.org/rvs/4472350026.html
  9. Add in the twin 300HP Cummins and you have a true freak of nature! Must have been built as a river boat.
  10. So much here, where to start, http://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/boa/4453345388.html
  11. For what it's worth I use smugmug. Have been for several years and am very happy.
  12. Don't know what's going on but all of a sudden hobot's photos are not showing up. Too much bandwidth used?
  13. 1. I thought your comparison to FH must be way off. It is not. 2. Most of that wood appears to be 3/4" thick. The weight must be staggering. 3. You clearly got lost on your way to the mocking ads thread. There is nothing to admire but much to mock. Sale pending. Damn, snooze you lose.
  14. If that boat was close I would be seriously interested. The propane can be dealt with and the plunger tossed. You would be left with a nice Perry designed boat.
  15. It flew away and back to work a week later.
  16. That must be some good shit you're smoking. B, don't you see the slobber on the frayed ends of the yellow line with the knots in it. The guy in the blue shirt is taking a break from tug o war wid da doggie! OK now I see it, right next to the invisible naked Kate Upton straddling the soccer ball...
  17. That must be some good shit you're smoking.
  18. bmiller


    This is for your kids or grandkids. Riddle: Your galloping along on a horse. To your left there's an elephant running at the same speed, to your right is a rhino at the same speed, behind you is a tiger running at you. Up ahead you see a sharp curve and a cliff. What do you do? Get off the merry-go-round
  19. bmiller


    How is a 9V battery like a womans anus? You know it's wrong, but sooner or later you stick your tongue on it.
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