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  1. At what point does a dodger become a pilot house? I think this is close.
  2. OK I have to ask. How did you determine the shed was Tasmanian?
  3. Did you read about it in either of the links??
  4. Bishop Castle, worth a read http://www.bishopcastle.org/# or http://www.bishopcastle.info/ and lots more photos I took http://bmiller1959.smugmug.com/Other/Bishops-Castle/33231357_XVq7PW#!i=2883855736&k=rBzgjWw
  5. That's an idea, I'll try BW and see how it looks. Sure it wont be no Ansel Adams though. BTW that's just south of Westcliffe CO. I could live there. Went down there to hunt antelope. She's hanging in the shop aging now.
  6. Looks like a picnic area for a Black/Brown Bear But Pretty !!!!!!!!! That looks like the Gunnison River and a lot of fun...Fu@k I hate the weather in Minnesota... Yampa just above Duffy Mountain take out. Never saw another boater. Giant cooler and dry box full of goodies. Yes it was a lot of fun. 107 N? Really?? Typo, really.
  7. sailboat SAIL BOAT WANTED 13 14 15 16 FEETS - $400 (DENVER) sailboat WANTED 14, 15, 16 feet - $400 (DENVER) IM LOOKING TO BUY A SAILBOAT, WITH TRAILER OR NOT WITH SAIL PREFERABLY, WITH TITTLE OR NOT,ANY CONDITION, PRICE REASONABLY AND ACCORDING. Send me picts and model, nowwww!!!! thanks http://denver.craigslist.org/boa/4126140083.html
  8. No clue as to what it is in the ad, just a 33' sailboat. Any guess? http://westslope.craigslist.org/boa/4099447793.html
  9. This is more of a WTF than ugly. Full ad: http://vancouver.kijiji.ca/c-cars-vehicles-boats-watercraft-sailboats-27-Sailboat-W0QQAdIdZ503953165
  10. I liked the subject in the above so much went back in the early morning to try again.
  11. The trailer in the ad looks decent, it's the only thing of value he has to offer.
  12. Not CL but a good one: http://www.sailboatlistings.com/view/36000 From the ad: She went down in FRESHWATER to her nose in 2009 after a hose in the bathroom wiggled loose while she was getting cleaned, nothing serious. She was under for about 30 hours -After the hose was tightened she floated fine (people intentionally sink their boats on the coast when a hurricane is coming through so it's really not that big of a deal) -Her electrical was gone through when she was brought back up and worked fine -The ENGINE IS AN ATOMIC 4 and has not been turned over since she went down since it was
  13. That looks like a prop from a 50's sci-fi movie
  14. Dufour 27: From what i just read there was a safari model also that had a more traditional cabin, with ports and all that. Those who own them say it is a great sailing boat. I think that if you look up freeboard in a dictionary you will see a photo of this boat. Only reason I even looked at this boat was because of the recent post in CA by papillon
  15. I think that's a pretty cool ad. He knows what it is and what it's worth and is willing to practically give it away to a worthy cause.
  16. Good catch Oceaneer, 1,200 miles in 33 days is 36 miles per day. You can nearly walk that.
  17. Hey that's a push-me-pull-you! Suppose the boat is a tack-me-gybe-you?
  18. I posted this earlier, but now that the boat is out of the water and on it's trailer you gain a whole new appreciation.
  19. OK I clicked on the ad and wound up at a site for the boat. I found this interesting: Rudder is sysmetrical oil-filled foil made of 5/16 A-36 steel. Why would a rudder be filled with oil?
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