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  1. Customs people will love it. Your home is..... weed? I thought that was a state, not a town... Anyway, I fail to see any resemblance whatever to a Boston Whaler as claimed in the ad (and also not sure why this would be a good thing for a sailing trimaran). And what the heck is ^this^ ?? FB- Doug Why thats the reverse polarity transducinal lateral balance and self righting system. More commonly known as a trip hazard.
  2. He is taking offers. I should offer to haul it for several thousand dollars.
  3. Now that is a cool boat. Gotta wonder about the linkage from tiller to rudder. Just some cables?
  4. According to the ad he received the boat as a graduation present. I'm guessing kindergarten graduation? http://lewiston.craigslist.org/boa/3848993412.html
  5. David Gilmour's houseboat/studio: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astoria_(recording_studio)
  6. Looks like a picnic area for a Black/Brown Bear But Pretty !!!!!!!!! That looks like the Gunnison River and a lot of fun... Fu@k I hate the weather in Minnesota... Yampa just above Duffy Mountain take out. Never saw another boater. Giant cooler and dry box full of goodies. Yes it was a lot of fun.
  7. I've got a thing for the Bristol 33.3 It stems from the fact that my employee number here at work is 333. The first time I saw one it was like a meant to be. Now if I only had 60K laying around.
  8. I can only imagine how many drunks have fallen off that deck.
  9. South Coast 26. How did they fit a center cockpit in 26 feet? Why did they fit a CC in 26 feet? From the ad: Rare - only 18 of these hulls made. It can be yours for $7,500 http://sailingtexas.com/201301/ssouthcoast26102.html
  10. Aside from the porta-potti I really like that interior.
  11. There's some value in that trailer.
  12. The work on the inside looks very nice. Just based on the ad I think it would be a blast to go out sailing with the guy. This caught my eye:
  13. This made me think of those step in bathtubs:
  14. Ginger and Mary Ann. Ginger is the red head. They live in greenhouse at 8,660 feet above sea level where my wife works.
  15. Just for the hell of it I google earthed the marina. There it is! Holy shit does it look big. Copy and paste this in the earth search bar: 37 58.437 n 122 28.964 w
  16. So like, where's the snow. You can't have a mountain without snow. Plenty up there right now. In fact we got a good dose of spring snow last night, I went skiing today. This photo is from elk season a couple years ago.
  17. bmiller


    There's many versions of this out there. The way I heard it the first guy was also named Gaytor but it varied. When asked for his final request Gaytor replied, "I am a lifelong submissive gay man. I'd like just one more time to be ass fucked." At first the leader of the terrorists was outraged by the homosexual desire, but figured why not. So he went out and rounded up 72 virgin boys willing to ass pound Gaytor, he didn't have to travel far. For 72 hours the pounding went on. After it was over the leader asked if Gaytor was satisfied to which Gaytor replied, "Have you got a donkey."
  18. Scroll down and check out the hull murals. Not saying it's ugly, just not my cuppatea. http://www.sailboatlistings.com/view/35233
  19. Today was our last lift served day at Monarch. In honor of that here's a shot from a few years ago:
  20. +1I beg to differ, this thread was great until that gnarly toe ^^ showed up. Lets not turn this into a gnarly toe thread.Dude all big toes are gnarly. Mine is just a little on the higher end of the gnarly scale. But it's nothing compared to seƱor Rico's. now those are some gnarly toes. Pffffft, you call that gnarly? I got gnarly. Would show you but it's still fucking winter up here and I'm layering up for the day. Lows in the teens with snow for the next couple days. Where's that global warming when you need it?
  21. Like I mentioned above, just put woody on ignore and the thread is much improved.
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