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    Going paperless? Just click on the little blue thing in the middle.
  2. This may counteract woody. Shot yesterday in New Mexico.
  3. A snowfield just south of us, it's called the Grinch.
  4. Put woody on ignore, makes it all better. Here is one of my neighbors:
  5. Not really ugly but a deserves nomination for crap on the back of the year:
  6. Huh? Hardly belongs in the company of some of the gems on this thread.... I got the photo in my email this morning from a gentleman in Spain who built it. I designed it about 10 years ago. I was fishing for complements. Is he actually sitting in it or walking along the bottom? Appears to me he is having fun. But I have an untrained eye.
  7. I enjoy foxy women as much as the next guy but come on woody, there's a place for every thing. Speaking of foxes, this guy ran through the yard:
  8. Just he opposite, turned out to be a splendid day.
  9. Driest year in a long time here in CO:
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