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  1. Part of the reason for choosing dinghies for the Olympics is/was equity. The lower costs made an Olympic campaign at least somewhat reachable for somebody not from the first world. Offshore keelboats are pretty much a 1%er sport.
  2. If you fill the holes with epoxy you might consider self tapping screws. You still need to drill a pilot hole. I used to use self tappers when designing plastic parts that needed to screw together and I was trying to save pennies by not using inserts. It worked with 3D printed parts pretty well too, after they figured out how to print good elastic resins. Lemme know if you want to go that way and I'll send info on pilot hole versus screw size. The downside is you get fewer insertions with epoxy/self-tappers than you do with a metal insert, they just wear out faster and don't tolerate gori
  3. This guy does some pretty amazing boat models. He also does half models.
  4. That bottom picture is so interesting. At first glance the Swede looks to be about 35 feet long!
  5. Are you still in Anacortes? There's a Harbor Freight in Mount Vernon. Home Depot in Burlington.
  6. The POBs for the Lifesling training sessions were either in a gumby suit or wetsuit. Normally the live sessions were only done in benign wind conditions. There were hundreds of successful recoveries and more than a few people who later rescued a POB after they had been trained. Personally I was involved in a Lifesling rescue of someone that fell off another boat on a Vashon Island race about 1995 or so. Blowing 25 with the chute up, classic quickstop, chute down, motored back upwind and gathered her up with the Lifesling. I also participated in a COB symposium in SF 2005. We tested a
  7. Because without that testimony, the government has a pretty flimsy case that Assange helped hack into the computers. Having someone testify that Assange asked them to hack into Icelandic computers helps paint a picture of his M.O. There's otherwise no solid trail of his involvement. He's just another reporter who got his info from a source. Manning is not going to throw Assange under the bus, she's already gotten a quarter million dollar fine and jail time for not testifying to a grand jury about him.
  8. It wasn't a publicity stunt, it was actual MOB practice. The unfortunate victim had an apparent heart attack from the shock of the cold water. The Sailing Foundation used to sponsor live Lifesling MOB training a couple times per year. That would be a good thing to resurrect.
  9. He's just a peach. Name is Sigurdur Thordarson, he is a convicted sex abuser of minors, financial fraudster, and was a volunteer at Wikileaks and was convicted of embezzlement of $50,000 of Wikileak's money. He was recruited by the FBI and continued his crime spree while being protected from prosecution by them. The governments claim is that Assange actively helped Chelsea Manning hack into government computers. Thordarson claimed Assange had asked him to hack into Icelandic computers to steal recordings of MPs. This was supposed to bolster the claim that Assange was helping Manning to st
  10. You may be right, the NY times has a pay wall and I won't give them my email so couldn't read the whole article. But the main point is the government's case just collapsed and now Biden is holding out some fig leaf? Why is the NYT putting this stuff out there when the key story is the witness recanting? Like I said, just a mouthpiece for powerful.
  11. MSM has not reported it at all. Nothing in WaPo since the no extradition decision early this year. NY Times has an article today saying the Biden administration won't jail him in the US and he could serve out his sentence in Australia, this after one of the governments key witnesses said he made his accusations up and the case unraveled. I find it unconscionable that the MSM won't report on one of the most important press freedom cases still in play today. MSM just looks like a mouthpiece for the powerful and is doing a good job making themselves untrustworthy and irrelevant.
  12. Neat resin to start, try to coat the core and skins using a small brush. Then fill with epoxy thickened with 404. Yes you can tap. If it strips you can always overdrill and refill.
  13. Found a link explaining this with pictures
  14. I'd do your first suggestion. Drill the deck hole but you need to dig out the core beyond the deck hole, so when you fill the cavity with epoxy it is basically going under the deck skin. The typical way to dig out is to grind down the short leg of an allen key so its sorta blade like, chuck it into a drill and then snake it into the hole. Grind away, vacuum, fill with epoxy, pilot hole, drive self tapper home.
  15. More pictures in the FOP restoration thread. The man is looking for a new project.
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