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  1. I'm personally a fan of the high volume amas that in these photos look like they hold up to the pressure very cleanly. I'll freely admit that I haven't (yet) had much time in smallish tris, but I do recall feeling very frustrated sailing the first gen Sprint 750 and feeling the boat bog down as the leeward ama headed for the earth's core when a decent gust hit, of the non-dangerous kind that otherwise could have been turned into forward drive without serious risk of the boat's heel angle accelerating uncontrollably. The SeaRail 19 seems to fall into this category, which puts it into the "les
  2. I think the Pulse 600 looks great and I'm excited to see it hit the market! I'm not shopping yet but I definitely see a relatively fast but forgiving trimaran like this in my future. Dusting off my own mechanical engineering degree and reading the previous posts, I'm truly not sure what definitions some people are using and whether we're seeing the same thing in the design. lake Pee claimed that "A well designed truss places all of its members in tension or compression and passes no bending moment through the connective joints." To the best of my knowledge you don't need to build a c
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