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  1. I've read a lot about foiling, but didn't realize any boats could foil 20+ meters over the water. Nice job with your Strike! Please let us know if you encounter a Pulse 600 on the water.
  2. Looks awesome. In particular I like the very purposeful bow treatment. Any guesses on the total rigged weight? Which ama flotation percentage did you settle on? Would love to see some video when you get a chance.
  3. - comparing the Pulse to a beach cat makes no sense at all. It's a different kind of boat, for a different buyer. Let's see, how many 20' beach cats have large legs-in cockpits, protected stowage, outboard mounts, etc.? Zero. - the Pulse is absolutely not targeted at an off the beach market, Guvacine. Importantly, Corsair doesn't try to market it that way, either. Easy to ramp launch while still folded, yes. Easy to horse down a beach... no. - I haven't heard the sailors who actually purchased the 600 complaining about the weight. From the owners like silvestert and fastsailo
  4. Ah, Thunersee! What a beautiful area to have fun sailing a beautiful boat! Much better wind than Lake Zurich, too. Please share more thoughts about why you chose the Pulse 600, how you find its performance under different conditions, etc!
  5. Now that there are more boats on the water, have there been discussions (or video) about how the 600 handles heavier wind and waves at different points of sail (thinking, San Francisco Bay kinds of conditions)?
  6. Way to snot all over someone else's observations! Good work. Anyway, what I took out of Strategery's comments is that if it's hanging around a 31R, which if I recall usually has a minus PHRF rating, it must be a pretty quick 20 footer. What was the true wind range? Sea state?
  7. Have you had a chance to get out on the local boat yet?
  8. Looks like Chris White's updating his 20' Discovery, now 21'3" LOA, 15'9" beam, only around 620-650 lbs. Retains the more "sit in" style of its predecessor, and folded amas way up in the air on the trailer (must be launched at full beam). Targeted launch date this July. However, it's priced at $20k as a kit, or $64k fully built with what looks like a nice spec including a rotating carbon stick. Perhaps another way of saying it is that well-built trimarans in this size range unfortunately do seem to cost real money. Now, if only we could crank out a minimum of 100'000+ of thi
  9. My tactic is to simply not read posts by Doug Lord and Chris O. Saves a lot of time and I generally miss nothing. Since some do respond to their posts, I have to quickly skim the responses so that I can reestablish when anything intelligent is being posted again... which can require a shocking amount of stupid argument to achieve. If others would also just ignore, things would be much more pleasant! ******* Ian, how is the feedback on the removable seat backs? They look like a nice comfort adder for chill days on the water.
  10. Maybe you could generously offer to test it under higher winds for them to make sure it's safe?
  11. With all due respect, you have talked about it. Again. And again. And again. With really nothing new to add each time other than that you feel it's too expensive for what's on offer. We get it by now. Is there any chance you would consider writing Corsair directly with your opinion and stop posting the same content to this thread?
  12. In this case, so incompetent that they can be on port, in a mixed fleet of more than 20 boats short tacking up a channel, and have no one watching for (or even listening for) starboard traffic. About being price-sensitive, I certainly understand since that's my situation as well. But like you said, I still hope this boat's a success even though it's currently out of my range. Plenty of people have the resources to for it, so we'll see if they do. Great Red Shark, did you get the Honolulu boat out?
  13. Right, I'd forgotten that's your SA handle! It's sad indeed seeing my Impulse sitting broken on the trailer. I haven't had any luck finding a partner to share the boat repair and ensuing use with, so I may end up donating it to a boatyard that expressed interested in fixing it. It's truly too wonderful a boat to throw on the scrap heap due to some idiot not knowing how to sail. I'm very interested to hear your thoughts on the Pulse, especially given how much time you spend on the water sailing other craft! Is the new owner part of your local club there, and are there other multis to sa
  14. I really enjoy the local beer can races, which are all monos, so I picked up an Impulse 21 a bit ago. I love the design, huge comfortable cockpit, control pod for the strings in the middle, easy to singlehand or take out inexperienced sailors with the self-tacking jib. Unfortunately I got port-tacked by a Catalina 320 that acted with incredible determination (stupidity) to t-bone us despite all my attempts to both warn and evade. At 13'000 lbs to 1'300 lbs, my I21 lost... it's still on its trailer waiting to see if I'll repair the significant damage. At least no one got seriously hurt. We
  15. Beautiful! And so is the boat! Looking at those pictures helped me understand what Tornado referred to earlier as being "a LOT of boat" for only 6 meters/20 ft. What an awesome looking ride! On a different note, I actually wouldn't mind if people would stop sharing their extremely valuable and doubtlessly highly educated opinions about the Pulse's pricing. I've learned so much from those amazing opinions, which have already been repeated ad nauseam, so could you shut up now?
  16. Hey, why buy just one when you can have two? Must make for a pretty awesome party raft when the wind's down. Did your mate share any thoughts about the Pulse's performance in various conditions?
  17. Looks like a great day on the water. I'm wondering why the trampolines don't have a way to raise the leading edge up to the height of the beam? At the 4:30 vicinity you can clearly see water squirting through there on both sides... not sure why you'd have nice high beams and then leave the trampoline seining below them.
  18. 400 pounds minimum?? That's nuts. My wife, a friend her size and I still wouldn't be class legal, and we're all normal-sized people.
  19. Matching wind speeds while that heavily loaded with a relatively inexperienced crew sounds pretty awesome! Nice that adding some weight doesn't automatically kill the performance, especially with lighter winds like that. Where did you put everybody? Have you had a chance to experience 2-5 knots of true wind?
  20. I love the 2 young crew members along for the ride! Looks like a better spot for them to hang out vs. being strapped to the trampoline of a catamaran.
  21. That's Corsair's problem/opportunity, not yours. Or am I mistaken? Shocking as it may sound, your and my opinions and expectations about Corsair's chance of hitting their business goals are pretty irrelevant. At least mine are. Sure, I wish as well that this wonderful new toy could fit more easily into more pocketbooks, but there are many for whom the Pulse 600 represents an affordable choice in a very exciting sailing platform. Power to them! And over time we'll see what choices they actually do make. Dude, where do you live that you can pick up a house for $48k?? Anyw
  22. Beautiful! Looks like a hoot to sail, nice big cockpit, responsive. For some reason I hadn't previously noticed that the traveler's on a curved track, which is cool. Also fun to see it roll the 30 footer as though it's a piling at about 8:30.
  23. How did you like the boat in person? I'd be interested in hearing your first-hand impressions of the build, layout, etc.
  24. Thanks for sharing your experience on the Pulse--sounds like quite a fun ride! Did you feel in control with the main hull out of the water? How high did you fly it? Also, do you know what changes Corsair has in mind for the main sheet load? Should be easy to fix, but fighting with a main in only 15-20 knots wouldn't be a good thing.
  25. Sail(plane) wrote: You want to round up only when close hauled, in high winds, and pro-actively, not because you lost rudder grip. In most other points of sail you will want to actively go down and loosing grip then is just as bad as in a cat. Hmmm, maybe I’ve done too many windward/leewards and have those points of sail too deeply on the mind. Still, when close-hauled having some kind of “automatic” depowering mechanism seems better than none, especially when a gust with wind shift surprises and the cam cleat doesn’t release as expected, or otherwise simply when someone’s not paying e
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