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  1. Hi John, It looks as though someone has tried to apply a wedge. The biggest issue is that in 99.99% of the time, you wedge the other way, you chock the front of the mast, not the back, which is what it looks like. Can I ask the boat number and who made it, but it looks like a after-market modification, not trying to aportion blame, just to get a bearing on whats happened. I would remove the wedge and sit it flat on the partner. And just FYI, helicoils are a one screw it down application, you will get 2 or 3 in and outs from them if your very carefull, but they are not a
  2. Winglet MDF frames, I get them tonight, last stage in the hull build
  3. So breasthooks loss is the foredeck gain. It's basically now done, but we need the same hardware as the breasthook. Also added strength to the spinpole receiving tube, and goy the kingpost in plus more tabbing. Pretty sure cockpit will be in mid next week. Pick up the Winglet MDF frames Saturday so quick 2 week build on those hopefully jB
  4. Alex is a pretty cool guy, and it's great working with him. Have to be out of here in 5 weeks, so the hammer is down. We should be OK. Some of the tabbing/basalting that happen yesterday, more this morning, breasthook bonding in is delayed due to lack of SS hardware so we are into the foredeck. jB
  5. So we threw the boat up on it's side today, and did a whole day, just tabbing in frames, centrecases, and keelson's along with Kingplanks. Kingplank sitting ontop of the keelson and the X Frames. Alex hard at it, by the time we finished there was approx 3mm of basalt on all 6 surfaces, so Aft Keelson, aft face of aft XFrame, fwd face of aft XFrame, mid keelson, Aft face Fwd XFrame, and Fwd face of Fed XFrame, everything got "tabbed" in, load areas with Basalt, non load areas with glass. Then we flipped the boat and did it all again on the other side. We lef
  6. Not much to report, the Aft Xframes are now in, huge tidy up of the hull/frames and preperation for bonding of the Breast hook in, probably Monday. Yesterday was taken up with some critical 49er issues, and one of the potential sister ship builders chewed my ear off. Plus Alex ran out of steam (post Covid) and it was very very humid in Gosford, so we called stumps early. jB
  7. Because of Covid, I stayed off Exile on Wednesday, but I sould be there next Wednesday. Tested negative today again, the wife is pissed! (she tested positive) Today's happy snap, I mess-up, made the cockpit 300mm too short, so I now have option of how to finish the transom, maybe a very long sloping planning board, anyway, really good to have Alex back on deck even if he was only good for 4 hrs, that cockpit must have gone in and come out 15 times. Tomorrow, it come back out again, Aft Xframes go in, Breast hook gets bonded in, Fordeck goes on, and then we final fit the co
  8. Atnan, I really did not answer you, it depends on where you plan to live. Obviously we know Sydney, the boat will be kept at RANSA (hard stand with 2 cranes) and the Super 30 racing is sensational. I belong to SASC and MHYC (and am a life member of NSC), SASC because the "green shed" and my mooring are a 6 min walk from my house (Mosman). MHYC, because we sail every Wednesday on the Farr 40, NSC (Northbridge Sailing Club) because the family built it, it was 4 min walk from our home for 40 years and the lane to it has "officially" been called Bethwaite Lane. So any of the Sydney clu
  9. We very possibly sailed Calypso Magic against you (Farr 30) in some of those races, great fun, love to be sailing this weekend, but, get this, same wife, same bed, same car, same testing station, same time, living with each other for 38 years, she's positive and I'm negative (PCR test) RAT test, same results. Try again in 3 days, but to late for Super 30. Not much to show for today, I was helping 29er dad's and kids this morning, but lots of detail work, and starting to net results. Really happy with the Aft Xframe results, near perfect. Next is the cockpit floor
  10. Just check to make sure your awake, and then I had to go back and check the weight, 1821gms, my dyslexia. Anyway, the ratio gets even better (as in I am using less resin).
  11. When we (gang of 5) looked at it, there are a series of open boat races, the ASBA Nats and States, and then in Sydney 4 clubs got together ( RSYS, RANSA, DSC & SASC, I'm a member of SASC) you have the Super 30's series. There was a race last Saturday in the Super 30's and another this weekend and they are very much Sydney Harbour races, 28ft - 32ft, cat7 (no requirements) monohull, go for it. Best boat at present is a heavily modified Hick30. There are 8-9 races a year (Super30) Open races, there are lots, being Sydney based we where looking at Port Lincon and then Murray B
  12. Thankyou for your well wishes, Alex appears to be over his "Covid experience" and Deidre's temp is back where it should be so all seems to be recovering well. I still have not tested positive, very strange, one of those cases of, I wish I had so I could get it over and done with. Alex is planning to coming north with me tomorrow, so hope to speed back up to normal. This is where I am at, the far side aft X is fitted, but I need Alex to help me fit the cockpit, before I commit to the foredeck. I have had some comments re Basalt (and Flax) and them "puffing up". I
  13. Hi all, Alex was pretty crook on Thursday, and diagnosed with Covid on Friday. So we pinched his tickets to James Bond at the open air cinema. That was cool, but Deidre (my wife) is now Covid positive and similarly crook. So I have been a one armed builder, how I done have it I don’t know, but at presently I’m fine. Got the Aft X frame sucked down today, and a bunch of the other frames detailed. May get the breast hook in tomorrow with any luck and if I remain negative. The joys of this new world! jB
  14. The stuff is called Kerdyn Green, yes its PET, nominally recylced water and coke bottles, comes from Gurit, all foams are made in China, dose not really matter which. There is some German stuff, Armacore, I think, but I have had good results with the Kerdyn Green and Basalt! I imported this stuff, via Gurit. Try Sam @ sam.lyon-jones@gurit.com, think he is in Brisbane. And yes it comes in all sort of weights, its about 20% tougher at the higher densities than PVC (weight ofr weight) jB
  15. Well you owe me a beer, Peroni please!
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