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  1. I bet that thing makes better time hamster-wheeling it up the beach anyway...
  2. It truly does depend. My boat has PVC cockpit drains (They run out the transom above WL) and the rudder post tube is also PVC. Both have been in place since construction in 1978 and still intact. Can be a useful material. Made some great shade umbrella holders in 5 minutes with some pvc pipe and zip ties once...
  3. The shaft is solid, not a tube? That's a bit different. If it is a tube, it's 2mm out of whatever the wall thickness is. And crevice corrosion always goes much deeper than it appears to.
  4. Community decides to permit housing construction next to existing airport. People in new houses complain about airplane noise. Community decides to close airport. People complain about lack of local airport...
  5. Couple of patio umbrella poles duct taped together?
  6. HAHAHAHAHA...as if there ever were any sane people here.
  7. Someone at an SHTP skippers meeting related something along the lines of "if you toss a hunk of 2x4 off the GG bridge on a strong ebb it will most likely eventually find its way to Hawaii. We're just trying to get there a bit faster." So I think the kayak has a good chance of completing the unnecessary voyage. Unnecessary as the drift experiment has been done before. See George Sigler's "Experiment in Survival." Admittedly, there were two on that raft but still, pretty much just a drift to HI thing...
  8. I've seen that vid. Amazed that ting was able to climb after the re-grind on the props.
  9. I did not know Hartzell made Q-tip props for the marine industry </sarcasm>
  10. casc27

    Wylie 60

    "Hi Tom, my bank account has gotten a bit too fat but I only want to go day sailing now that I am old. What can you do to help lighten my financial burden?" "Well, I've been working on a new slogan: give me 15 minutes with a blank design sheet could cost you a cool million." Edit -- I kind of like it but too bad it has a forestay. A big kite on an unfettered pole always seemed an interesting proposition for singlehanded work.
  11. Sage advice for so many things. But people gotta fuck with shit...
  12. 3m No Residue Duct Tape Adheres well and removes even months later very cleanly. Or earplugs...
  13. This is why you need friends in other states who will let you have things shipped to them!
  14. F'ing hippies. Do they not know about their obligation to conform to the misery like the rest of us? How will the oligarchs continue to grow their power (and wealth) if people just check out on a whim like this? Ah fuck it. I have a 5 a.m. meeting. Better get a bit of sleep...</jealous rant>
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