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  1. F'ing hippies. Do they not know about their obligation to conform to the misery like the rest of us? How will the oligarchs continue to grow their power (and wealth) if people just check out on a whim like this? Ah fuck it. I have a 5 a.m. meeting. Better get a bit of sleep...</jealous rant>
  2. Talk about a pain mission.
  3. Slipping? I thought it had already slipped about as far from its former glory as it could go...but I frequently underestimate degradation.
  4. Way back when I was a lad I lusted after Cross and Brown tris...had a day sail on a searunner 37 once, was a nice boat. Now they are rare finds, all the building plans etc. seem to have disappeared. Kind of sad in a way...</nostalgia>
  5. "Quirky and cool, imposing and insane..." Mr. narrator dood, you forgot the most important descriptor: "...and achieving new heights in defining fugly..." Floating proof that $$$ <> taste. I wonder how hot that black nightmare will get in the sun when the AC fails.
  6. Not sure about this guy. He does have enthusiasm but I would have destroyed the motor control mount rather than cut a nasty, jagged hole in the boat. At least the holes line up...
  7. If you can get whatever horrid adhesive was used to stick the carpet on there, paint it. If not, find something better than carpet to reline it with. I hate carpet in these applications.
  8. Still a basic question and you have pretty much answered it for yourself. Get out your welder and create a socket to create an appropriate depth. But why the fuck is there 3 1/2 inches of exposed keel bolt? Seems excessive.
  9. Sounds like your snap shackle wants to be free...so set it free in the rubbish heap!
  10. Aw, c'mon, the "surveyor" did turn the wheel all the way in both directions and it was hard to do, too! (Here endeth the sarcasm.)
  11. Some of you with legal backgrounds can correct me here but from the Peninsula Daily News article Mary Ellen Winborn states that Leo can raise money and that her concerns are with the noise and dust. ("We don’t need boats being built all over the county in residential neighborhoods. It doesn’t belong in a rural residential neighborhood...It belongs in a boat marina.") So, if the issue is not the "commercial" aspect and Leo abides by whatever noise ordinances etc. are in place for that location has Ms. Wound-too-tight not undermined her own arguments against the project? Tally Ho belongs in a m
  12. Okay, now I have to watch this and Leo/Tally Ho. What a contrast watching those Brazilian shipwrights "get 'er done" compared to Leo's "jewelers" rebuild of TH.
  13. Much good advice here. I will only add that you should not buy a project like this because you want the boat. You get involved with something like this because you want the project, because you are excited about doing all the work. If you want the boat rather than the project go find something already sailing that fits your needs/desires and pay what it costs to buy that. You will save money and still have plenty of projects to do anyway. You will just get to do some sailing, too.
  14. I think he already used up all his luck!
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