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  1. Oh that picture brings back some memories...sadly, lol.
  2. My original comment was completely sarcastic, SJB. Agree that this place is a wealth of knowledge etc. sprinkled with a (sometimes more than) healthy dose of the inane. Makes it all fun...Carry on.
  3. And all this time I thought DIA was this whole f'ing s(h)ite. Returns to wallowing in ignorance...
  4. 21 knots single handed in a Santa Cruz 27. Pinned on port pole under the GG bridge passed the North tower with about 50 feet to spare. (Felt like inches.) Had to wait until I blew into the bay a bit to take the kite down. Never been happier to depower. The second most scared I've been on a boat.
  5. Wash it, wash it thoroughly before any sanding. If not you just grind the amine blush into the substrate and it is really tough to wash it completely clean after that.
  6. If it's cold enough at your build location you can treat the whole construction as a pre-preg type situation. Build the boat in it's entirety with plenty of opportunity to reset from any fuckups and then let it all cure at once when spring comes. Seriously, don't listen to me. But some of the sage advice up above should keep you on track.
  7. I can see it now: "Oh shit, I left my keys and wallet on board. Can you lower her back down for me?"
  8. Yep, that's what I took from the OP as well, although it was not well described.
  9. With a floor like that it might take awhile for the owner to become previous. (And the "contractor" P.O. of my current house should not have been allowed to own anything more advanced than Playskool tools.)
  10. I think know I would have rejected buying that boat for the head/holding tank project alone.
  11. Lark and BJ have some good info above. Frankly, if you are asking this question on the internet after already installing the panel, well, you clearly do not know what you are doing. You should have validated your power demands and storage capacity and factored in your intended usage before going to the trouble to install a panel. 100 watts is quite a bit. (I made it to Hawaii with two 60 watt panels and an AP doing about 80% of the driving.) If you are planning any offshore work the single panel leave you with no redundancy. And seriously, what the fuck is with the extraordinary elevation of
  12. Well, now I am confused. It sounds like you are describing a deck placed on an inward hull flange and the edge of the deck laminate is exposed? Pics would help. Otherwise, some good, practical advice above.
  13. Just when the jaded ER doc thought he'd seen it all three fat guys with a bowsprit up their asses show up with a spectator...and all in team colors, too.
  14. Chrome? Monkey fur?? Disco ball??? Now we're talking, baaayyybeee!
  15. Fuck, we have standards now? I keep missing the important meetings, dammit!
  16. Ho-Lee-Fucking-Shite, they finally invented toilet paper holders for fenders! I guess if you are not going to put them away properly you might as well finish the disguise...
  17. I have been seeking the perfect definition of a person with too much time on their hands for ages. and now I have it: "...yank an engine over a drop of oil every 4 hours of run time." Yep, that'll do.
  18. Thanks, I have been missing out. Love the intro/music. Brings me back to my childhood TV watching...
  19. WTF is "Project Binky"? I fear I am missing out on meaningful entertainment...
  20. Looks like you tossed out almost $200... https://www.ebay.com/itm/272375572345
  21. I bet that thing makes better time hamster-wheeling it up the beach anyway...
  22. It truly does depend. My boat has PVC cockpit drains (They run out the transom above WL) and the rudder post tube is also PVC. Both have been in place since construction in 1978 and still intact. Can be a useful material. Made some great shade umbrella holders in 5 minutes with some pvc pipe and zip ties once...
  23. The shaft is solid, not a tube? That's a bit different. If it is a tube, it's 2mm out of whatever the wall thickness is. And crevice corrosion always goes much deeper than it appears to.
  24. Community decides to permit housing construction next to existing airport. People in new houses complain about airplane noise. Community decides to close airport. People complain about lack of local airport...
  25. Couple of patio umbrella poles duct taped together?
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