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  1. They look good to me. And they will likely look less obtrusive once the boat is rigged and the deck hardware is back in place. And, if you really don't like them after sailing the boat for a time, you can always deal with replacing them at that time. Keep up the great work.
  2. Looking really nice, FOP. But 30 hours by plane? What part of the moon are you on?
  3. FOP, I've had more fun watching your progress on Flirt and envy your fantastic work. Always love seeing new pictures of your project.
  4. I am pretty sure he did consult some scantling rules. I think the uniform building code (not sure what year). He might have done better to consult the more recent IBC but too late now. If you have started the thread recently and only seen the near-completed hull photos I can see where that could look possible. From earlier construction photos, though, it's an absurd failure for structural strength. With regard to framing, it's clear that he consulted no scantling rules, did no engineering analysis, didn't do good guesswork, most definitely did not get it right, and MOST defini
  5. Always a delight to see the progress you are making on this project. An amazing job if I ever saw one.
  6. "He doesn't plan on coming back." That sounds about right...
  7. Really enjoy following this thread and the pics. But I shudder to think what your budget for the restoration must be. (Things like custom titanium cleats and hydraulic panels can't come cheap!)
  8. I remember watching Bird sailing into Berkeley marina single handed (at least I could only see one body on board) waaaayyy back in the day (like mid 80's). Don't know if David owned her then but the Swede 55 sure was and is a pretty boat... I also recall hearing about the loss up north. Sad, indeed... The boat was in Alameda and admired by many. I ac tually was walking out of the sailmaker when he was walking in with a furled headsail (long!) and asked what that was! we had some nice chat . he departed for alaska shortly after and I remember reading that the cooler cover was
  9. I gotta chime in on this topic (mostly because I allways thought the boats looked cool). Used to see one sailing (racing?) on Friday nights out of Berkeley. I think the guy would single hand the boat and he allways carried his spin with two poles, one on each clew. I guess that simplified gybes. I saw the same boat (named "Bird") years later in teh DH Farallones race in 99. It blew stinking hard that day and the boat lost it's rig. But mostly I remember seeing the aluminum fishing boat upside down on the cabin as they passed us on teh way out the gate. Looked really odd. I think that boat
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