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  1. The way Leo's been building this thing I was half expecting no electricity and whale-oil lamps (jk).
  2. Tested? Hell, he'd probably be lost to us and enjoying direct communication with Lil' Murry.
  3. Well, he is up to 49 subscribers, so, cha-ching$$. (No, I did not watch the video. Just had to peek at the subscription count.)
  4. I have no idea what Leo &co. will get up to when the build is done but I do know I'll miss the videos and following the project.
  5. Ho-Lee-Fuk, what a douche. I would not don that costume on for Halloween.
  6. I'd rather sleep with the rack on the right. Might be smaller but still the one I would choose...
  7. I thought underage buggery was a long standing tradition for the British at sea. BWTHDIK
  8. Now all you need is the shrinking tech from The Fantastic Voyage to fit into it and good to go.
  9. Don't do the allen wrench/bent nail nightmare. Use a dremel 115 carving bit. Makes quick, very neat work of removing a proper amount of core. (I'm sure there are other router/bit combinations that would work. But the 115 bit from dremel is just the right size.) Thicken to warm mayonnaise consistency and use a glue syringe to fill from the bottom of the hollowed out hole. Be careful not to puncture whatever has been applied to the underside to contain things. The resin mixture should be thin enough to flow a bit but thick enough that it is a bit of work to get it into the syringe fillin
  10. That rudder is just a bit of glasswork. What kind of shape is the prop in?
  11. Well, I guess painting those cockpit locker lids was just too much. Somebody is going to get one sweet boat!
  12. In the sprit of bondage...
  13. While I do agree taking the motor along was stupid. Your link to father's day shows that guy took a motor along. My guess is he's worried about getting into harbor in Honolulu (if that was the destination). I have never understood the fascination/allure/fixation with tiny boat crossings. Eventually some mook is going to strap a pair of pool floaties to his (her? although it seems to usually be a guy) arms and hold up a scrap of cloth for a sail and take a stab at it.
  14. I think he just did. Sort of ended in failure but hopefully he learned some things. Like leave the fucking outboard at home or at least put it down below when offshore. It'll give him something to cuddle at night.
  15. Are mast extrusions thick enough to helicoil? My first thought was rivnuts but not something I have any useful experience with.
  16. Sigler was a nut-job in many ways, too. But if you can find a copy of his book it makes for an entertaining read. He also started the SF Bay Singlehanded Sailing Society (I think that's correct) so that's a decent legacy.
  17. First, I have and continue to really enjoy this project. And I am glad to see that Leo has obviously managed to collect the $$ needed to continue at a very high level. (The meager contribution I was able to make would not buy a single one of those bronze bits.) Second, best looking bilge jewelry I have ever seen. We will definitely need pictures after she has been at sea for a couple of years!
  18. Ouch. I really want to know what happened to cause that. All we ever did in my Melges days was break a spin halyard at the upper mast exit in the last race of the worlds in Santa Cruz. (Really, it did not look that chaffed.) If I remember correctly the cleat mounts using aluminum slugs in the mast track.
  19. Nothing to worry about. That rod is just going retro and converting itself into 1 x 19 wire. So, just go sailing. After all, thousands of boats are using 1 x 19 wire already with no issues! (Seriously, heed the advice above and wait for replacement. I think the bit about potential insurance issues is quite salient.)
  20. Ask the Melges 24 guys about leaving a roller furled jib in a sleeve for extended periods. Not a discussion I ever had but also never heard it mentioned during the years I was actively bruising my ribs on the M24. The boats just got parked, jibs covered and everyone went to the bar. Edit: Don't recall ever seeing a carbon jib on the M24's back then, for whatever that's worth.
  21. I spent a few minutes with a tape measure in my cockpit once and came to the conclusion that raising the cockpit floor would allow for a more usefully wide cockpit. Flaring the cockpit walls out would help some, especially with volume in the q-berths. But you have to do something to try and make the cockpit floor as wide as you can. A game of centimeters and millimeters...I could not come up with any arrangement that improved the situation of that traveler being right in the way of the companionway. Glad I stopped at the thought experiment stage.
  22. Sure, why not? Spend 25k on a boat and have a boat that is worth 15-ish? Or buy a brand new boat/car/airplane/wife(what? If you can buy a wife why can't you sell a wife?) for 100k and have a boat that is worth 85-ish?
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