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  1. Pretty much agree with you. Although, for singlehanded stuff I find the cockpit ok since I do not worry about hiking when sailing SH'd. Completely agree about not shortening the cabin, just removing the winch islands. I did some measurements once years ago and by widening the cockpit footwell a few inches and bringing the deck level surface to meet it (i.e., eliminate the seats) you would actually increase the q-berth volume nicely. If $$ did not matter I might have done something like this. And yes to the thwart for the upper rudder post bearing (think Olson 25). Looking at the propose
  2. Not to worry Snags, ED never gets past his crack dealer in Fresno before he runs for home.
  3. Why am I suddenly hearing Tim the Tool Man Taylor's voice grunting "More Power!"?
  4. I split a tube with a mate about a decade back. Can't remember what we decanted his half into (I got the original package) but I have only used about 10% of my original half. So, yeah, it goes a long way and it does work. Do agree that it is stupid expensive.
  5. Um, I'm going to guess a boat with a u-berth rather than a v-berth so doofus hipsters can have fore-peak menages? That abomination will have gobsmacking amounts of interior volume...fugly, but roomy.
  6. I tried to glue some sea boots together with 5200 before a three day ocean race years ago. By the end of the race the boots were falling apart again and the boat was covered in little eraser-shavings of 5200. Boots went in the trash before I got in the car to drive home. But should work on Mylar scrim for an awning (are tapedrives made on a Mylar scrim?).
  7. Agreed, but apparently that product makes dead bait fish grow between your toes. (I bet his boots smell awesome.)
  8. Famous internet voyaging sailing captain like Gomer with that awesome Catamaran and his clearly displayed financial and negotiating skills? He must be getting unsolicited marriage proposals at least daily...
  9. Oh hell no, the Ed is waaaayyyy down the list of people who should be caretaker for Meade Gougeon's cat. That's like suggesting your sister start dating a pimp.
  10. This guy goes through boats faster than most people go through boxes of Kleenex.
  11. Nice. Looks a bit small for the job but what the hell, we have been eliminating species for quite a while now so should work out.
  12. AstroTurf carpet, shagalicious, baaayyybeee!
  13. Meh, doesn't seem like it would be much of a loss for humanity.
  14. Is that not pretty much the definition of abandoned?
  15. Is that Fishfood's boat? (Sorry, haven't been around much of late.)
  16. JFC are these nitwits not either in Florida or dead yet?
  17. Thanks Stumbling. I needed to see that.
  18. Dinghy for a Flicka 20? I would think an inflatable SUP. (I know, I know, late to the party...and I am NOT going to read the whole thread, so there!)
  19. Close, Gomer just needed to add a few lead pigs to the bag to ensure it sinks. Maybe more than a few as Giggles is truly full of hot air (or is it just gas?). I do believe you may have a marketable concept with the "uncooperative crew abatement device."
  20. Oh Zonker, I see a youtube video and an abused tomcat in your future...
  21. It's complete...a few grand for repair supplies and paint, a couple of used sails and over a thousand left compared to buying the POS Gomer and Giggles are fucking around on. All in all this is a much better starting point. And thanks again for the drift, Steam. Some good listening in here now ^_^
  22. Well shit, Steam, that's it you win: best video on this thread yet. By far...
  23. Fuck you for posting this Basket. No, I am not watching. But, only a few giggles? Oh dear, cue B.B. King: the thrill is gone...
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