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  1. Because I actually have a life and responsibilities. Actually, not in any particular hurry but the fuckers think kind of aligned within about 30 or 40 degrees of parallel and within 5 feet of the curb is adequate. They block the whole fucking lane and walk away. A sadder bunch of 40 year old losers standing in line waiting to spend mom's money I've never seen.
  2. No, it's totally on the stoners. Fuckers can't park for shit.
  3. Stoners...I used to not care or bother about 'em. But since a dispensary has opened up on the main road I take from the freeway up the hill to my house I have discovered that nothing can fuck up traffic like a couple of dozen pot-heads trying to parallel park so they can get their daily baggie. Now, I kind of hate 'em and really wish they would move that shop a clock or two off the main road.
  4. The composite work doesn't know if you are an amateur or a pro. It's not that complicated or difficult to do it right. Even Gouv can do it. (Sorry Gouv, couldn't help myself. Actually, Gouv has offered heaps of solid, practical advice to get people sailing again on here.) And there is plenty of information easily available to help. Surprisingly quite a good amount of that help and advice can be found right here. (Trying sooo hard not to direct you to the inexperienced couple catamaran thread to learn about boat repair...No, I won't do it. This OP seems like an okay guy...) The Gougeon boo
  5. Hmm...is this all part of the Gomer and Giggles master plan? Gomer: "Hey, babe, we can buy this catamaran for only 6k! That's a sooper great deal on a boat like this. Usually they are twice as expensive because they have two hulls. And after we fix 'er up reel guud we can take her down to Florida and sell her for a big profit. Then we can get that suh-weeet Hunter 30 and have plenty of money left over!" Giggles: "Oooh, hee hee, you're so smart, teehee. How did I get so lucky, he hee he he. But wut about the houseboat?" Gomer: "We can keep that up here for our summertime love n
  6. Penetrating epoxy? Um, no. SJB's suggestions make sense so, I'd start with something like that. If you do end up replacing the whole thing (a very big job) why does it need to be stronger than the original layup schedule? Other than the water ingress the original looks to be in good condition so it doesn't appear that it was not strong enough.
  7. So, you decided to add number 783? Fuck! I just added 784...
  8. "I know, let's make a video about the 'sailing capital of NC' where we show an idiot giggle like an infant while dispensing coffee and ride bikes around town and show absolutely nothing about sailing or boating at all. That's sure to bring in the Youtube money!" BTW where did the get the bikes? (That's right, I did not watch the whole thing, just bounced around a bit. My daily Giggles exposure tolerance is measured in seconds so on medical advice I must restrict my viewing time.)
  9. "Gomer does Giggles" is probably already on Pornhub. And, no, I have not looked (and do not intend to...).
  10. Oh fuck you dead SE. Now I will have to go watch the fucking vid just to see what hapless creature actually married manbun. Thanks you fucker...
  11. Oh c'mon. Ye of little faith. She must emit something like "O- gig-h-le Ga-squ-w-ee-d-k" when Gomer is pleasuring her.
  12. FFS will somebody please take a picture of these two and submit it to Webster's Dictionary so it can be placed under "clueless"? (This comment brought to you by having endured the pain of watching them try to dock.)
  13. Not sure about the UK but here in the US I think the equivalent would be baker's sugar, which is a fine grained sugar kind of half-way between granulated and powdered.
  14. I think that is his gelcoat experiment done using a kiwi grip roller to texture it. Looks like most of the meat grinder gel coat decks I have lets square yards of skin on over the years.
  15. Aw c'mon...they put fiberglass and epoxy on it AND they painted it. Fixt 'er reel gud!
  16. I wouldn't go that far but at least the toes are not trying to turn themselves inside out anymore. Nice touch on the sail ties Alcatraz!
  17. Holy flaming one hundred dollar bills, Batman, Manbun got 6k for that heap? OMG, Giggles and Gomer are even dumber than I suspected...
  18. I think I found his most inane statement to date at about 11:13 when he says "...thanks to the comments I now know that this is a vent for the fuel tank." HTF did they make it this far?
  19. She laughs like that while fucking, too? Oh dear god the horror, LB. (And just how the fuck do you know this?)
  20. So, you would need an anchor even on a pool toy while traversing the ICW?
  21. Those sugar scoops are looking pretty good, in the same way warts look pretty good. But I think they would have looked better had they forgone the waterline tape and just cut in a line by hand with a brush or a roller. I think the roller would have left a perfectly appropriate waterline for this project!
  22. Jen Appel, I'm pretty sure there is no way to sterilize that. (Oh, not the kind of sterility you meant...)
  23. Something like along those lines. And we are definitely going to need the video of that event. It'll be worth just to see how squeaky no-tits sounds when it's all hitting the rotary oscillator.
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